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Common Myths About Bipolar Affective Disorder

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Myths and Facts About Bipolar Affective Disorder

Dr. Harris Jensen's Clipboard Notes

Harris Jensen, MD  1019 Remington Street , Fort Collins, CO  970-416-8354

Good News For Our Memory And Moods!


Exercise Boosts Mood Control And Memory Potential
Key Brain Hormone Levels Jump 25 to 87 % With Running 2.1 Kilometers Per Day

The Hormone, Nerve Growth Factor, Blocks Nerve Death And Triggers Nerve Growth, Battling Depression And Memory Problems (It Really Works!)

(Image above is of a model of inner structures of  brain, pointer indicating hippocampus)

Key Words: depression, exercise, mood, memory, Alzheimers.

by Harris Jensen, MD

Ever hear someone say after running a mile they felt exhilarated?  Slept better?  Was better able to resist anxious thoughts?  Focused better?
Of course you have!  If not, just listen to athletes talk about their work out routine sometime on TV.
Now, did you ever want to know how running gives such a good boost for the brain? 
The “weird science” behind this is that running is good “gene therapy.”   That’s right, running and working up a sweat actually “turns on” our DNA, according to a study by Dr. Amelia Russo-Neustadt and associates in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

Science Of Mind Links Are Amazing!

Great Web Links for May , 2008
by Harris Jensen, MD

This month, the internet is really showing itself to be the information revolution it promises to be. Here are several really exciting articles.  Nobel prize winning author, Eric Kandel, a psychiatrist, says the 21st century will be the century that finally unlocks the secrets about how the brain works to allow us to think and feel as individuals.  In otherwords, the 21st century will see scientists do as Kandel has done, unlock more of the truly amazing secrets of how our brain creates our mind.

Fighting Depression


Fighting Depression: It's tougher than most people think

by Harris Jensen, MD

Keywords: Depression, antidepressant, treatment resistant depression.

Secrets For Motivation

Use the pharmacy in your brain to rev up your exercise routine.
by Harris Jensen, MD

Few times compare to Colorado in the spring. There's a cool breeze coming off the mountains, the sun is warm and green things are springing up everywhere. But will you get out there and take it in?

Let nature motivate you! Don't let excuses get in your way!

How many times have you heard this? Reminding yourself of health benefits is important, but our brain still likes some immediate reward. So give it what it likes!