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Looking Into The Treasure Of Our Mind

New Scientific Discoveries Show How Our Brain Makes Our Mind

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by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Key Words: Science Of Mind, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Stress Managment

Our mind is the greatest miracle of all the miracles in nature.  Born from a single cell, which then took in energy to build a body, it created part of the body to KNOW.  To learn from experience.

We only have 10 billion neurons in our brain, firing 1,000 times per second using 200 chemicals and countless electric wave forms rippling down their surfaces...amazing!

On an electical chart of the brain, electrodes will show the neurons firing together, in synchrony, like birds in a flock turning quickly, this way and that, in unison!

The miracles seem to go on and on, the more scientists learn about our brain.

For a review of these wonders, please click the blue "attachments" link below, and select the pdf article or the audio article with me reading it.  The pdf file may not be able to be downloaded to your desktop and you may need to open it directly with adobe reader. 

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"Audio 1 For Treasure 2008.m4a" is the audio article.  Then if you just need to relax, download "Audio 2 For Treasure 2008 Article.m4a." It is not the article, but some sweet  relaxing sounds from a stream in the Rocky Mountains, complete with sounds of a crackling campfire and singing birds. You will need Quicktime Player perhaps to play the audio files and adobe reader to read the pdf files. Enjoy!  Relax in the peace of nature!


Harris Jensen, MD

Review Of Communication Skills And Thinking Skills

Notes On Diagramming Thoughts And Communication Skills

by Harris Jensen, MD

May 19, 2008 Thankfulness

The greatest story ever told is the story of your individual life.

The attitude of thankfulness helps you read this story.

I wake up each day and express my thankfulness for three things before I start my day and state what kind of a day I want.

Today, I am thankful for my wife and son and daughter.  I want to have a good Monday.

Secrets For Motivation

Use the pharmacy in your brain to rev up your exercise routine.
by Harris Jensen, MD

Few times compare to Colorado in the spring. There's a cool breeze coming off the mountains, the sun is warm and green things are springing up everywhere. But will you get out there and take it in?

Let nature motivate you! Don't let excuses get in your way!

How many times have you heard this? Reminding yourself of health benefits is important, but our brain still likes some immediate reward. So give it what it likes!

Welcome To Our New Web Site!

Good Day Journal throws open its digital doors!

We're here to help you have a good more ways than one. There's not enough good news many times have you heard that? I've heard it since I was a kid...later I heard it when I was a journalist and trying to write good news. It was often shuffled back to some social or business page. So I started my own outdoor page and fought back. People loved it.

That was years ago. Since then, I gave up journalism, joined medical school, took a residency in Minnesota in psychiatry, and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to work as a psychiatrist. And of course take in the great outdoors in the Rocky Mountains of the American West.

But I never could give up writing! The dream never left me to have a magazine and write about things positive and uplifting, about nature and its beauty, and about hard-working people who create inspiring moments in their day. And I also wanted to work in bookstore that sold these things. So here it online magazine and an online catalog.

The Good Day Journal aims to be a bright spot in your day. But this isn't your Average Joe magazine or catalog.

This online magazine and catalog has:

  • Movies you can stream or buy (cool!) that play on your TV or iPod or computer (Quicktime movies)
  • PDF books and posters
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  • Talking books and articles (PDF files with mpeg-4 audio. Great for learning!)
  • Blogs on interesting topics
  • Lots of ways to rate these items
  • Articles with photos and Quicktime moves and sometimes mpeg-4 audio
  • Archives of past issues of articles, audio, video, books, posters and blogs (wow, a library)

Oh, and articles, too, about fun things people find to brighten their day, such as gardening, working out, fishing, teaching their children with projects, having adventures in the mountains. These are articles with 'jumps' to the very article it quotes. You just select the link, copy it, and then paste it in the browser window of a search engine, such as Google Scholar or PubMedCentral or Yahoo, and presto! You are at the article the author quoted.

Every week we'll be providing stories that inspire and inform, photos and quotes that lift the human spirit.

Every week and sometimes every day, there will be something new. Readers can also send us their stories, photos, recipes, tips on what they did to have a good day.

For Fun!

We'll also have personal interviews with fascinating people who are making the world a better place. And creature features...stories on animals you like. And, for our catalog, we'll have articles on what a song or book may be about, what or who inspired it, maybe answering questions people send in about a movie they bought from us. I hope you give us a look, comment on our blog, rate an article or two, watch one of our movies so we can brighten your day.

Thanks for checking us out!

Sincerely, Harris Jensen, MD
Editor and Publisher

Solid As a Mountain - Poster #3


Relaxation poster number three, in JPEG featuring image of Elk Mountain, Wyoming and quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


Solid As a Mountain - Poster #2


Relaxation poster number two, in JPEG featuring image of Elk Mountain, Wyoming and quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


Serenity Creek Sounds


Relaxing sounds of a Wyoming mountain creek complete with sounds of birds and a crackling campfire, in 1,2,5 and 15 minute durations.


Solid As a Mountain - Poster #1


Relaxation poster number one, in JPEG featuring image of Elk Mountain, Wyoming and quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


Serenity Creek Meditation


1 hour, 5 tracks. Guided meditation building on Learning To Relax Deeply.