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Log Fancy

Rustic Log Furniture Made By A Real Mountain Man!

Jim Smith!

The Book "Mountain Boy" Chronicles His Life As A Boy At Home In The Wilderness

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

( To see log furniture made by the mountain man Jim Smith, see the link Log Furniture.)Jim Smith was raised in the mountains.  The Rocky Mountains.  His Dad brought him up high in the Poudre Canyon to live in a log cabin when he was just eight years old.  There he continued to learn to fish and hunt, live off the land, fend for himself.

He walked every day to school.

(Above is a phto of  a rustic log table made by Mr. Smith)


For two miles.

From age 8 to 10.

Coming home, he'd read the Bible, make dinner for himself.

"I'd fix macaroni and cheese but I'd clean everything up, take good care of things.  My Dad taught me to respect everything.  That meant other people, the animals, what you cooked and cleaned with, what you fished and hunted with.

"How did you respect the trout in the mountain streams there?" I asked him

"I ate them," he said.

"How about the deer and elk?"  I asked.

"I ate them too," he replied, laughing. 

He had to eat something for protein, so he hunted for it.  He wouldn't call himself poor.  He was rich with the freedom to roam the mountains, to hunt and trap, at such a young age.

He found arrowheads and even a military sword near Belleview, Colorado, as a young boy.

He looks back at his younger years as charmed ones.  He had a father who understood his love for nature and nature's God.

Each day after dinner, he'd read the Bible like his father taught him to. 

"What did you learn from the Bible?" I asked him.

"How to live," he said.

"Treat everyone with respect. Live an honest life.  Work hard.  Be thankful for what you got."

Down home wisdom learned from mountain people.

Jim had many adventures in his young life and they are one's I've been writing up and recording in the book "Mountain Boy."


Need A Home Repair or Home Improvement In Fort Collins, Colorado? sticky icon

Gary Ogden Will  Repair What You Want, The Way You Want It!

He's One Of The Best In Fort Collins For Home Improvement And Home Repair!  Friendly, Fast And Economical!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

"I got a leaky faucet." My porch needs fixing."   "I need a doorbell put in."  "My porchlight went out."  "I need to put on new siding and a new sliding glass door."  "I need to put in some fencing for a dog yard."  "I have some broken rafters in a shed."  "I have some leaky plastic pipes."


Google Sites and Blogger and Facebook Are Great For Networking! sticky icon

Free Applications Help Job Hunters In This Tough Economy!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


The story is all too common.  A hard working man or woman, the backbone of the American Economy, gets laid off when the business is downsizing.

Now the dominoes can fall: the lack of income can threaten payments on credit cards, the mortgage, and stress mounts up in the family.

Social Media Marketing, It's The Future Baby!

But I'm can't control what people will say about me!  Yikes...

Okay, so people want to know what I personally am thinking.  Well I'm at a social media marketing conference today.  Whew.  It's complicated to know Facebook (800 million users), Twitter (million)s), and create buzz by word of mouse.  This stuff is just weird.  I don't get it.  People say wow, tweet, I saw this I saw that.  Tweet tweet tweet.  It just seems so dumb to me.  Oh, look, I am getting a coffee at the starbucks at the Hilton in Fort Collins. 

Gary Ogden Does A Great Job As The Mr. Fixit Man In Fort Collins, Colorado!

Gary Ogden Does Home Repair Better Than Anyone In Fort Collins!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal.

Massage Therapy Relaxes The Body And Mind In More Ways Than You'd Expect...

Sharon Welch, Certified Massage Therapist, Offers Insights To The Many Talents Massage Therapists Use In Their Art And Science

by Sharon Welch

Certified Massage Therapist

Loveland, Colorado

Office Phone: 970-203-1207

We are all familiar with the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”, in respect to the power of persuasion.   This adage is also true in respect to occupational injury.  We want to believe that a construction worker who performs hard physical labor would be subject to more injuries and pain than a white collar professional who works at a computer all day. 

The truth is, that in my experience as a massage therapist; people who work at a desk have much more chronic pain than people who have jobs with a lot of movement and physical activity.  

Glass and Sons Excavating and Trucking

A Great Family Team Provides Great Service To Fort Collins

For 20 years!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Joe Glass seems easy going.  But he and his two brothers are about the hardest working team out there, when they set to work on a paving or excavating job.