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Fort Collins Psychiatrist Shares Research On Mental Resilience! sticky icon

Dr. Henry Emmon's research shows mental resilience can be learned!

Get smarter and tougher through meditation and healthy living!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Henry Emmons is one of those guys you can't help but like.  At a conference in Estes Park, Colorado last summer people lined up 10 people deep for him to sign one of his books.   OK, I was one of those people too. "Chemistry of Calm," and "Chemistry of Joy" are two excellent books about how healthy living and meditation can help heal the mind.

Humans Are Made With A Bias For The Status Quo sticky icon

We people are just more comfortable doing what we've done

We regret changing to something new...even if it's the right thing to do!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


In a recent study, people were asked what their level of regret was when they got a guess wrong--about whether a tennis ball landed in the court or out of the court.

Those who got the answer wrong...and they made a change from their previous answer...regretted their answer more.

We just don't like to change our minds, do we?

Self Esteem Is A Worn Out Concept! sticky icon

Self Esteem Is Valuing Yourself...Only If Others Like What You Do!

Dump It!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Wikipedia has a great article showing how common ideas of valuing yourself, often taught in grade and high school, are self defeating!

Read this:


Meditate To Feel Close To Nature sticky icon

Meditation Can Be An Antidepressant Too!

The Field Of Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy Has Much Evidence Behind It To Show It Works

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Records Mindfulness CD

Free Audio File Available In This Article!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Walking Meditation Practices Great Stress Managment sticky icon

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Records Stress Managment CD

Mindfulness Approach Backed By Research

by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor, Good Day Journal

Managing stress by taking a good, long walk is about as American as apple pie.  I mean, Henry David Thoreau extolled the virtues of a walk in nature in his essary "Walking," 150 years ago.

But you can get more out of a walk by developing your powers of mindfulness.

Journal Gets 9,011 Hits In 2009! sticky icon

Hit counts jump to 9,011 in 2009 after addition of new charts, music, books and audio books!

Light therapy and quitting smoking articles by Northern Colorado Psychiatrist gain top hit counts!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The Good Day Journal just started out as a whimsical idea.  Let's put out some articles about what people are doing to make a better life for themselves.  In our first year, we got 5,000 hits.  Not bad!

But this year the hit count almost doubled!  The addition of the web page free stuff is credited for doubling the traffic to the web site.  Find it at

Free Stuff is a page of free downloads.  Just click the item and download it!  Items include the four step stress managment model that you see to the left:)

Mystic Mountain Moments DVD Released! sticky icon

Nature Images and Jazz Music Combined...

Mystic Mountain Moments DVD brings soothing music and soothing images of the Rocky Mountains to your DVD player

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


Mark Sloniker is one of the all time greats in jazz, I think.  I love his soothings, rolling sounds, his great can find him most Saturdays at Jay's Bistro and he's always the same.  Upbeat, joyful, loving life for all the wonder and meaning it brings.

Now his music is joined with photography of nature that conveys that same attitude of wonder and gratitude.

To see more, check it out on at






Free Stuff sticky icon


Dr. Jensen Is The Doctor Of Positivity, So Check Out His Positivity Library!

It begins here on the Free Stuff page, and continues with a link to The Positivity Library, which is a massive data base showing the power of a positive attitude in a wide variety of unique situations.

Here's how to use the free stuff page...these are all blogs, movies, music, soundfiles, and ebooks to empower you to live a happier life! Click the "Attachments" link in blue below and you will find dozens of free files.  All meant to empower you're ability to be optimistic!  The book, "The Power Of Optimism," is at the bottom of the list and gives you an overview of the elements of optimism and how to become more optimistic.  And how Dr. Jensen learned to be optimistic!

If you want more of this knowledge, you can purchase access to almost 1,000 audio files and ebooks in the Positivity Library! Positivity means the thoughts and actions of being optimistic.  You are not born optimistic, you have to learn it. The data base teaches you a wide variety of situations.

To access the data base, purchase the password by calling this number, 970-416-8354, during usual business hours.  That is 8 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday, Mountain Standard Time. A credit card purchase of the password will be your admission ticket to the wonderful world of living with positivity!

Some of the chapter titles are listed below and address situations that "stress people out."  These mp3's are meant for you to be able to listen to them "on the go," wherever you might be, to empower you to live the life you want. You can learn simply by listening to these 2 to 10 minute audio files.

Books include learning: Relationship Success, Social Confidence, Self Confidence, Professional Success, Personal Success, Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation, Time Managment,  Job Hunting, School Success, Dating Success.  Also there are books on how to overcome procrastination, anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder and addictions.  There are books on weight loss and getting fit and staying motivated to work out.  Check them out and enjoy!

As you might now imagine, optimism is massively powerful for self improvement.  Far more powerful than people thought possible 20 or 30 years ago.  To tap into this treasure all you have to do is listen to one file per day to learn one new thing every day. 


And these audio files and ebooks (pdf's) make it convenient.  They can download to your smart phone or computer.  Then you can use them where and when you have the time and motivation in your day.

Your optimism will grow and grow as you simply listen to a file every day, and become aware of new  technique and practice it a little that day.  I recommend people write down one thing they learn so they can see their progress.  It will be so encouraging for you!

I've checked the visitor's log on the Good Day, and seen that people have read or listened to these articles from all over the world!  Your interest in optimism is amazing!  I've had visitors from Russia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East, China, Africa and Asia, and North and South America!  Welcome to the Positivity Library!

The best way to upload these documents is to upload the ebooks (pdf's) and view them in a pdf reader (Acrobat or iBooks reader). Save them in a file labeled "Positivity Books." The audio books are MP3's.  Go to Audio Books in the data base, then open up one file (like Power For Time Managment). Download all of them to your computer or phone, or listen to one at a time, from the top to the bottom of the list.

If the chapter titles in the list  look interesting to you, then just download all the audio files at once. Or stream them one at a time. 

If you want, you can first create a play list in your mp3 player (like iTunes), then download all the mp3's for the book (you won't be able to read all the chapter titles but since they are all going into one play list it wouldn't matter), and drag them all into a playlist!

Now you can put something positive into your mind whenever you have the time, going to and from work or school.  I tell you the secrets I've learned  for success and stress managment, based on 20 years of work as a physician. And now you will be aware of them.  Then it will be up to you, at your comfort level, to listen to files again to better understand them, or to try to do one thing each day to put your positivity into practice. 

I wish you the best in your life journey!


Harris Jensen, MD


Here below are more of the things I've produced and I'm giving away!  Thanks for visiting Free Stuff.  To see the stuff to download, click  the blue word "Attachments" below or right here: Attachments.

I believe you can make the world a better place with knowledge and music, so here's some of both.  Thousands of people visit this page every month.  Thanks for visiting!

I produced the music here offered.  It is classical piano jazz performed by Billy Dennison Froehner, a jazz musician from the New York City area, who has played with Frank Sinatra and many other jazz greats. These MP3's will play on any MP3 player.

Near the bottom of my list is "The Four Secrets" in epub format, my first ebook. Drag and drop it into a Nook For PC reader, which is a free download from Barnes And Noble, and you can read this ebook.

I also produced the guided relaxation CD's, to assist people in learning meditation and in just learning how to relax the brain and the rest of the body to get to sleep.  Download and enjoy!

Book 1 The Power Over Stress has been a popular download for years, complete with lots of color photos and diagrams for stress managment strategy learning.




Harris Jensen, MD





New Self Help Book Released By Harris Jensen, MD sticky icon

"The Four Secrets For Successful Living"

Combines The Most Powerful Elements Of Several

Psychotherapy Strategies Into One Powerful Approach (Updated 5/14/09)

by Harris Jensen,MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

(To get the PDF book now, click GET BOOK and go to bottom of the article and click the blue words "The Four Secrets For Successful Living.pdf" to get book, or click the blue audio ".m4a" file, "The Four Secrets -- Preface.m4a, " to hear the book read by the author!  The audio file will start playing shortly, and after the full file is downloaded you can save it to your computer and burn it to a cd and listen to it wherever you want to!  You may be able to go to "file" on your browser and "save page" and save the audio file to your computer.)

Growing up, I had a hard time learning to believe in myself.  Finally, a camp director caught me doing some actions well.  He not only told me I did a "good job" but said this was evidence of continued promise for success.

I had what it took to succeed.

This is the approach used in motivational psychotherapy. Help people see they can generalize from successes in one area to other areas that currently leave them "stuck."

The weakness in that approach is one often needs some sophistication in naming irrational thoughts.  That is the approach used in cognitive behavior therapy.  And sometimes that isn't enough.  In situations involving the need for communication skills, interpesonal therapy can train thos


I've pulled together these diverse approaches in my book, "The Four Secrets For Successful Living."

Here is how it helps stress managment:  A person let's say comes home and his children are screaming and that gets on his nerves.  Instead of yelling, he sees he's having an emotional response--that's normal and expected--that is the first of four steps in solving problems effectively.  Seeing that, and that emotions don't inform his decisions, he takes the "energy," as it were, from the emotions, and directs that energy to talk to his girlfriend.  "Boy these kids get on my nerves," he self discloses, "but I love you and I love them!  I wonder what we can do. You are good at working with their rascally behavior?"  She suggests they play hide and go seek, a game outside that will redirect the kid's energy, which is up in part because they are frustrated about being inside, and about Dad being at work all day.  He is now at the second step of successful problem solving, the thinking step, and he's gathering information, resisting the urge to go back to the first step, the emotional response step, because that wouldn't bring him any more information.  It's information he needs now to make a well informed decision.  Thanks to his girlfriend's help and her thoughts, he's got that information.  Then he swings into the third step, the action step, and makes a well informed decision that the family can focus on what works for "us," and vote on what we as a family want to do.  He's encouraging "us" thinking, and modeling the four step model.  The kids vote to play...what else was possible?  But the structure of how they relate to others is different.  There is an order and direction here, based on he and his girlfriend working together in a loving way.  The fourth step is observing the situation you started with.  It's changed!  But he is seeing the situation in a new way, informed by his  thinking, guided by his love and devotion for his family, and energized by his emotions--not misguided by them.

Does this make sense?  If so, read the PDF book below!

I am not satisfied with the self help books out there.  After 15 years of work as a psychiatrist, I keep seeing people read books and make the same mistakes.  Whether the mistakes are -- thinking errors, interpersonal skill deficits, communication mistakes, motivation problems--the books just are not communicating well enough.  So I've just simply pulled together the very best of all those books and put them in one.

I think alot of self help books are hopelessly boring.

No color pictures!  No sound!  No drawings!  No color drawings! My pdf book has lots of color illustrations.  And some books have no CD audio book...hello isn't this the internet era where multimedia approaches help people learn everything from software to meditation?

So I have added an audio book version...and an audio and PDF versions of the book are  available here for free at the bottom of this article.  Click "read more" at the end of the article here, then go to the bottom of the article and you will see the .pdf book, "The Four Secrets For Successful Living.pdf."  Click the .pdf file to download it.  It has dozens and dozens of color pictures to help you learn key concepts! 

Then click the audio files and download them...they may start playing in a minute or less after clicking them...a full download may take several minutes or longer.   The preface of the book took about 25 minutes to read.  Then, once the audio file has fully downloaded, save that audio file to your computer, if your software permits that.  At any rate, open up the .pdf file and move forward to the preface to the book.  Then play the audio file "The Four Secrets--Preface" and  you can listen to me read the book while you read it. 

I think people learn best from both reading and listening to a book being read.  That way you get both the auditory and visual information at the same time.  I think some people learn more effectively if they get both auditory and visual information at the same time.  At any rate, do as you wish, and hope you enjoy the pdf and audio book.

As an added note, the clock face used in the book is available for download as a jpeg file at the end of the story, here.  Just click on the blue link for "clock face" and you got it!

Have a good day!





Good News: Free Relaxation Movie About The Rocky Mountains! sticky icon

Journal Release First In Series Of Nature Music Videos
Nature images and jazz music make for relaxing moments...

"Autumn Treasure" is ready to web stream to you right now, just click the play button below!

Hit the "square button" in the lower right hand corner for full screen mode...thanks to You Tube, you've got video...

The .m4v file at bottom of article is ready to download to your computer to transfer to your ipod as well...for free!

Click this link to see the video on your ipod or iphone at You Tube!

Key words: relaxation, nature photography, nature video, jazz music, Mark Sloniker, stress managment
by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor Good Day Journal


After several years in development, it’s here!  A collaboration of two Colorado artists has yielded a series of four movies totaling about 90 minutes of relaxing nature images and soothing jazz sounds.
Mark Sloniker, a well known jazz artist in Colorado, has produced a number of CD’s (see which have been used as movie soundtracks before (ABC Sports and Public Television) but this is his first collaboration with Jensen.
Now is Jensen an artist?