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Are You Ill And Can't Keep Your Pet? sticky icon

Use Pets Forever At Colorado State University!

They help people who are ill or elderly care for their dogs and cats in Colorado

What A Great Outreach!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

If you are very elderly or very ill, your pet dog or cat may be your lifeline.  Without your pet, life may just not be worth living, or it may be too much of a struggle to keep living in your home.

Without your pet, you may be headed for a nursing home and the loss of your possessions, your freedom, your integrity, your way of life.

Meet Einstein, The Man! sticky icon

Albert Einstein's Personal Letters On Display!

Einstein Archives Is A Treasure To Look Into The Genius Of Albert Einstein!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Here is the link to see many of the personal documents of Albert Einstein.  There are 80,000 in all that are being photographed and put into this fun internet carousel of documents.


Greeley Area Psychiatrist Gives Away Free Stress Manament Book sticky icon

"The Power Over Stress" Teaches Stress Managment

Strategies That Help Fight Negative Thinking

It's Free On The Free Stuff Page That Is Getting More Than 20 Page Hits Per Day! Download it and share it with your friends by email!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I checked the hit count on The Free Stuff Page this morning.  We got 10 inches of snow, I had several patients who couldn't make their visit, so I visited my web site...and surprise!  I saw The Free Stuff page got 2,449 page hits in the past 90 days.  Wow, and the hits come from people all over the world.  In the past, I've seen hits come from Europe, England, and countries all over the world including Brazil, as well as from all over the US. 

One item people check out there is the free book, "The Power Over Stress."  It is Book 1 in the list of attachments at the free stuff page at this link:

I thought I'd review that little book so people can know a little more about it.

Positive thinking is very weak, actually. The book is about optimism. When people are optimistic they hope for the best...and anticipate the worst and are ready for it, and ready to learn from it. That is different than just, simply, "hoping for the best."

Where I grew up, in North Dakota, people were often positive thinkers or pessimists.  The positive thinkers had read, sometimes, The Power Of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale.  That is a good book, and teaches people to also anticipate problems, with rational thinking and prayer.  I'm all for that.

But as a teen I'd lapsed into being pessimistic.  I looked at problems as being bigger than me, so I didn't believe in myself.

Then I met John Curtis.  He was my camp director at 15, a perfect gentleman and head of 20 staff members at Metigoshe Scout Camp.  And an optimist by nature.  Just the antidote for my pessimism.

That is where this book picks up.  I wrote it after taking pictures around the Scout Camp.  I went back to visit the camp with Professor Curtis and remenisce about the "good old days", and so I included pictures from that trip in the book.

I owe so much to the good professor!  I hope those who read the book get something out of it and learn that special kind of magic that optimistic thinking has for those who practice it.

(Here is a picture of me at my office on a warmer day)




The Van Gogh Museum--Tour It Now On Your Computer! sticky icon

Art Is Great Therapy--Visit A Famous Art Museum...

Through The Google Arts Project!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I was 19 and just out of high school and wanted to see the world.  When you grew up in North Dakota you felt a little confined, to put it mildly, when you graduated high school and looked around and all you saw for 500 miles were wheat fields.

I felt if I didn't escape from North Dakota a little part inside of me was going to explode!

It was teen angst!

Calculate basal metabolic rate here! sticky icon

Fit Watch web site has great tips and tools for weight loss!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Here is a great web site for weight loss help. 

Tools for weight loss include seeing how much calories you burn every day, your basal metabolic rate.  Go here to get that:

Lots of other tips, tricks and tools are there!


Animal Assisted Therapy Really Works! Here's The Science! sticky icon

Dogs, Cats and Horses Can Be Used To Heal Us!

Here's How People Use Our Animal Companions To Heal Illnesses All Over The World!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Like a few psychiatrists, and many psychologists, I have a dog in the


fice.  They are wonderful!  Kind, caring, friendly, devoted.  A fabulous addition to create a warm and inviting, and yes, therapeutic office environment.

Just to pet a dog can soothe anxious nerves, lower blood pressure, help a person turn thoughts away from problems and onto finding solutions.

That's right!  A warm and friendly dog with a wagging tail can help a person change their thoughts and behaviors to change their feelings!  That is the essence of cognitive behavior therapy, that changing cognitions (thoughts) and behavior (actions) can over time change emotions.

Wikipedia has a great article summarizing the world wide history of animals being used this way to better our lives.  Here is the link to that article:

Why are animals so helpful? 

They in part have a need to please those they've bonded to.  It helps they can read our body language too, seeing our level of distress from our facial expressions, tone of voice, and some dogs can even understand words on the level of a 1 or two year old child.  They can even smell odors we give off when we are sad or anxious.  Isn't that amazing.

They also have a need to comfort members of their family.

Commonly in my office, a patient will come in the front door and my black or brown lab will greet them at the door!  I haven't taught them this, they just figured it out on their own.  That I find amazing.  Once a patient checks in with Becky, and sit down to read some magazine in the waiting area, the dog greets them again.

Charley, our chocolate lab, he's five years old, will sit with head held up and proud, just the right distace away so he can be petted.  They he will show his total love for all the adoration showered on him.  He'll squit his eyes in happiness, raise his nose, scoot closer to you for more petting.  He's really loving this affection and hoping you are too!

Elsker, our black lab, now 11 years old, will sit near the patient and gets some petting, then give someone a kiss and lay at their feet to warm them...emotionally.  Both Charley and Elsker can lay at your feet as if to show you that you are accepted here, appreciated, included...and the dog wants to be with you.

For some, Charley and Elsker will lean against you.  That is another expression of acceptance, only deeper.  Yes, our labs are "leaners."

Charley and Elsker can lean their heads onto your lap or against your leg or hand, Elsker (pronounced El Ska, which is "Friend" in Norwegian...she was born on May 17, Norwegian Independence Day) will also look into your eyes to emphasize her effort to accept you and feel close to you, but Charley is a male, eye contact can be seen as a display for dominance so he avoids that out of respect for you.  What does leaning their head hard on you mean?  It means they understand you are "family."

No wonder dogs are such great comforters.  They are masters at the art of comforting and soothing others!  Hurray for our animal companions.  I've had them coming to my office for 11 years now.  Or in Dog Years, that would be 77 years I guess.  What great members of our office they are!


Medline Plus...A Great Health Information Library! sticky icon

Got questions on your health?

Ask the National Library of Medicine!

Medline Plus gives great summaries of science and medical information for the public

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

What herbal medicines are useful?  What is the best way to treat depression or bipolar?  What can be done to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease?

Science informs us a whole lot more than expert opinions on questions like these...but who has the time to read all those scientific studies?

Valerian Root Can Help Sleep! sticky icon

This herbal preparation can help onset of sleep

A plant root can really heal some people's insomnia!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I've been hearing from people for 15 years that valerian root pills, taken one to several hours before sleep, helped them get to sleep and stay asleep.

Now there's some science to that.

The Herbal Medicine Physician Desk Reference confirms studies show some people have less anxiety and better sleep with this medication. 

Treasure The Fall In Colorado With This Free Video! sticky icon

Nature Is A Great Stress Reliever!

It Helps Us Get Our Mind Off The Worries Of The World!

High Definition Video Shows Fall Splendors In The Rocky Mountains!

by Harris Jensen

Editor, Good Day Journal

The storied days of fall in the Rockies are well deserved.  The aspen leaves turn to gold and fall like gold coins from heaven...

In this video, out in high definition, a new feature at YouTube, I share some of my photography and some jazz music too.  Hope you enjoy it!  Hit the tab in the lower right corner to view full screen!  Nine minutes of nature photography!

Dr. J



Great Nutrition and Exercise Advice from Dr. Katz! sticky icon

A healthy lifestyle means you'll live longer and healthier!

Sixty percent lower rates of cancer and heart disease with a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Katz says

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


See Dr. Katz web site for more details!