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Journal Release First In Series Of Nature Music Videos
Nature images and jazz music make for relaxing moments...

"Autumn Treasure" is ready to web stream to you right now, just click the play button below!

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Key words: relaxation, nature photography, nature video, jazz music, Mark Sloniker, stress managment
by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor Good Day Journal


After several years in development, it’s here!  A collaboration of two Colorado artists has yielded a series of four movies totaling about 90 minutes of relaxing nature images and soothing jazz sounds.
Mark Sloniker, a well known jazz artist in Colorado, has produced a number of CD’s (see which have been used as movie soundtracks before (ABC Sports and Public Television) but this is his first collaboration with Jensen.
Now is Jensen an artist?

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Journal Releases Free Meditation Audio File!!!

Yours for the downloading at the bottom of this article...

just click on the blue "attachments" link below!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The audio files below review an introduction to meditation or mindfulness training.  With a little humor involved in the process!

Our lives can be so stressful, but nothing beats quieting our busy brains down, so they simply accept each moment as it comes to it.

We often "resist" each moment as it comes to us.

We may do that by thinking too much, feeling too much, worrying about the past, worrying about the future, planning, dwelling on how things are not how you like them.

Hey, we are good at fighting the present moment!

But that is where we live.

We have no other time to live in, but now.

Second Music Video Released! Classical Music Relaxes The Soul....

Aspen Crowns In Their GloryLush sounds of classical music

combine with Rocky Mountain wildlife photos

for relaxing moments

Key words: photography, music, Jason Sandvick, Sibelius, Youtube, wildlife photography

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


We are on a roll!  This week Good Day Journal launched a second Youtube video featuring wildlife photography combined with relaxing music.

Hey, it's time to wind down!  And what better way than with the images of nature in its unspoiled beauty in the Rocky Mountains...

The video starts with harsh windswept snowscapes in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, near Arlington, Wyoming.

The music is dark and brooding from Jason Sandvick.  This digital composition was made on the web site Sibelius, performed and produced there as well.

This is music made on the internet.  Not a finger touched a keyboard here.  After the opening blue snow scenes, images appear of rain falling from clouds lit up in sunset light, then there are some of melting snow, running mountain creeks, and soon come images of summer in the Rocky Mountains.  Hawks fly over, flowers bloom, the beauties of summer are everywhere to be seen and taken in, lifting the human spirit.

Sandvick's composition complements the imagery very well...

And it sounds great!

Take a look and take a listen on the Youtube video embedded above...

Looking Into The Treasure Of Our Mind

New Scientific Discoveries Show How Our Brain Makes Our Mind

New Article Comes In Audio!

PDF Version Features Sexy Graphics!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Key Words: Science Of Mind, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Stress Managment

Our mind is the greatest miracle of all the miracles in nature.  Born from a single cell, which then took in energy to build a body, it created part of the body to KNOW.  To learn from experience.

We only have 10 billion neurons in our brain, firing 1,000 times per second using 200 chemicals and countless electric wave forms rippling down their surfaces...amazing!

On an electical chart of the brain, electrodes will show the neurons firing together, in synchrony, like birds in a flock turning quickly, this way and that, in unison!

The miracles seem to go on and on, the more scientists learn about our brain.

For a review of these wonders, please click the blue "attachments" link below, and select the pdf article or the audio article with me reading it.  The pdf file may not be able to be downloaded to your desktop and you may need to open it directly with adobe reader. 

Yes, the Good Day Journal has articles that read themselves to you! 

Hey that's creative!

If your don't have time to read an article, then download it and listen to it later on your ipod or computer...or what have you!

"Audio 1 For Treasure 2008.m4a" is the audio article.  Then if you just need to relax, download "Audio 2 For Treasure 2008 Article.m4a." It is not the article, but some sweet  relaxing sounds from a stream in the Rocky Mountains, complete with sounds of a crackling campfire and singing birds. You will need Quicktime Player perhaps to play the audio files and adobe reader to read the pdf files. Enjoy!  Relax in the peace of nature!


Harris Jensen, MD

Diagramming Thoughts Worksheet

Diagramming Thoughts Worksheet


Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

We learn as much from words as through images. So why not put them together? The Journal has released "Solid As A Mountain..." as its first poster in a series of posters dedicated to what else? Helping you have a good day! It will be released in three versions as a free download for the rest of 2008. You can of course: print it off on photo paper, use it as wallpaper on your desktop, put it on your what you like and spread the peace!

Serenity Creek Sounds


Relaxing sounds of a Wyoming mountain creek complete with sounds of birds and a crackling campfire, in 1,2,5 and 15 minute durations.


Serenity Creek Meditation


1 hour, 5 tracks. Guided meditation building on Learning To Relax Deeply.