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Fishing Video Full Of Laughs! sticky icon

Bill Dance Video Is One To Tickle Your Ribs!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It's the holidays and people are taking themselves way too seriously...and we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus, and he picked a bunch of fisherman to do his why not appreciate that and look at this video which illustrates what great people fishermen are...

Boy is it funny!


No insurance? Here's help for medication costs! sticky icon

Simple Savings Card Cuts Costs On Medication!

Big Savings For Uninsured People!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Discount cards are cutting expenses in a big way for people on expensive medications!

The Key have to know what are the good cards and you may have to hunt for a pharmacy that will accept the discount card.  But some people are saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR with the help of these discount cards!  This is great news for thousands of people who find that the best medication for them ends up costing hundreds of dollars per month.

Here is an example of making a discount card REALLY WORK.

A woman recently went to her pharmacy and the bill for her clonazepam medication was $150.  With the Simple Savings Card, presented to the pharmacist, it didn't do anything to the bill.  She went to a different pharmacy and got the medication for about $50, a savings of over $100.

For more on the card and the money it can save you, go to this link

You can google search "prescription discount cards" and see what you get.

One reader gave these links for help on finding good discount cards:

Another recent problem has been, if you can afford a medication, sometimes the pharmacies have run out of a supply of the medication.  This has become a problem with adderall and ritalin in recent months.

Here's another reader's feedback on that issue:

" I have found as far as adderall and ritalin and dexedrine are concerned--
that pharmacies that are not so popular like K-mart, Target, Good Day
Pharmacy are most likely to have prescribed strengths patients need of these
particular medications."

Again, thanks to all you readers out there for your feedback on what you are doing to make your life better.  These little tips and tricks you send to me, I turn around and write an article about them, and your information goes out to the thousands of people who see my web site every year!  This web site gets about 100,000 page hits per year, thanks to readers like you!  Power to the internet!



Medline Plus...A Great Health Information Library! sticky icon

Got questions on your health?

Ask the National Library of Medicine!

Medline Plus gives great summaries of science and medical information for the public

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

What herbal medicines are useful?  What is the best way to treat depression or bipolar?  What can be done to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease?

Science informs us a whole lot more than expert opinions on questions like these...but who has the time to read all those scientific studies?

ADHD From Food? sticky icon

Food Dyes Impact Attention In Children

A Food Preservative Adds To Hyperactivity Problems In Children

Parents Warned To Read Food Labels!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It sounds as flakey as cereal poured into a cereal bowl...but it's true.  The British scientific journal Lancet reports a food dyes and the food preservative sodium benzoate added to childrens' trouble focusing.

Oh, come on.  The grocery store is a source of problems for children?  Next thing you know they'll say people are hurt by apple pie.

Valerian Root Can Help Sleep! sticky icon

This herbal preparation can help onset of sleep

A plant root can really heal some people's insomnia!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I've been hearing from people for 15 years that valerian root pills, taken one to several hours before sleep, helped them get to sleep and stay asleep.

Now there's some science to that.

The Herbal Medicine Physician Desk Reference confirms studies show some people have less anxiety and better sleep with this medication. 

Treasure The Fall In Colorado With This Free Video! sticky icon

Nature Is A Great Stress Reliever!

It Helps Us Get Our Mind Off The Worries Of The World!

High Definition Video Shows Fall Splendors In The Rocky Mountains!

by Harris Jensen

Editor, Good Day Journal

The storied days of fall in the Rockies are well deserved.  The aspen leaves turn to gold and fall like gold coins from heaven...

In this video, out in high definition, a new feature at YouTube, I share some of my photography and some jazz music too.  Hope you enjoy it!  Hit the tab in the lower right corner to view full screen!  Nine minutes of nature photography!

Dr. J



Great Nutrition and Exercise Advice from Dr. Katz! sticky icon

A healthy lifestyle means you'll live longer and healthier!

Sixty percent lower rates of cancer and heart disease with a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Katz says

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


See Dr. Katz web site for more details!


Hail Came Down In Fountain! Sounded Like Freight Train! sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

June 8, 2011 hail came down like a freight train here in Fort Collins!  What an awesome power nature has...and there went the garden we planted!

Here is a video of the hail coming down, bobbing in our fountain...

Online Pharmacy With A Great Price--And It's American! sticky icon

Generic medications at a low price at Costco Online Pharmacy

A Great Thing For People Without Insurance, Wanting To Buy American!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal.

Great price on generics at


Use pretax money to pay for medical expenses with health savings accounts! sticky icon

Health club membership is a legitimate tax write off, perhaps

IRS rules for Health Savings Accounts are here!

Health Savings Accounts allow you to use pretax money to pay for some medical expenses...just follow the rules from the IRS and your accountant!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal