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Latuda Can Help Psychosis When Nothing Else Works! sticky icon

New Antipsychotic Medication Helps Those Suffering From Psychosis!

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Harris Jensen Reviews New Medicine!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It is terrifying when there are voices in your head, and even more terrifying when they won't go away with medication.

The next option for some is electroshock therapy, but many people don't want to get seizures with the potential risk of memory loss.

Now there is a new option: Latuda.

It just came out in the past year and it is doing wonders for some people.

Walking Meditation Soothes The Soul! sticky icon

Colorado Psychiatrist Releases Video, Book On Walking Meditation

Deeper Thinking, Deeper Awareness Created By Meditation

Youtube Video Introduces Book

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It was a sunny day yesterday, the temperature in the 60's so I took my dog, Elsker for a walk and we shot a video introducing my new book, The Power Of Walking Meditation.  I'm still editing the book but audio CD's have been popular with my patients, I've handed out dozens of them.

Here's our (humorous?) video...




Use wordpress to start a web site sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Use wordpress to make web sites.

See this link


Fort Collins Psychiatrist Shares Research On Mental Resilience! sticky icon

Dr. Henry Emmon's research shows mental resilience can be learned!

Get smarter and tougher through meditation and healthy living!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Henry Emmons is one of those guys you can't help but like.  At a conference in Estes Park, Colorado last summer people lined up 10 people deep for him to sign one of his books.   OK, I was one of those people too. "Chemistry of Calm," and "Chemistry of Joy" are two excellent books about how healthy living and meditation can help heal the mind.

Grizzly rearranges interior of a car! sticky icon

Big Jim Sent This Story To The Journal...

Grizzly Gets Locked In Toyota
There are no scratches on the outside, but the vehicle is totaled.

Below is the story and the pics.

A Man in Waterton, came out to find the inside of his 18 month old Toyota Sequoia trashed.

A grizzly bear had somehow got a door open (easy considering the way the handles are) and once inside got trapped when the door shut behind him. Probably by the wind.

Here is how prozac works! sticky icon

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Shares New Science

On How Prozac Beats Back Depression!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Prozac does some amazing things.  It can stop depression cold in its tracks...but that can take four weeks.  Still it is amazing.  One molecule affecting the mind...and just how does it do that?  How does it help reverse the chemical imbalance of depression and give people their life back?

Joel Yager pointed out the following article in Journal Watch:

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Offers Free Music Video! sticky icon

Nature Music Video Helps People Learn Meditation!

Let The Peace Of Nature Become Part Of Your Life!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

This morning Long's Peak had a mantle of white but the warm morning sun was a reminder that winter's here...but spring is coming!

To celebrate that, I've added a video, "Spring Comes To The Mountains," as an attachment at the end of this article.  Just click the attachments link to get to it, or go to the Free Stuff Tab above and to the left, and click that, and it will be on the list of attachments to that article, or click this link:

The video features my wildlife photography and music by jazz great Mark Sloniker, from right here in Fort

Collins.  For more of his music see this link:  Mark is a great fan of meditation and mindfulness, I'll vouch for that!  He's taught me a lot about that.

What is the advantage of this video?

You can download it to your computer and use it to practice meditation.  Just listen and look at it. Don't add anything to your experience by using words to think about it.  Life would be alot less stressful if we could take some "breaks" during the day to do just this.  Be in the moment.   Yes we have to think about what we are doing during the day, but we don't have to do that all day, without stop, relentlessly burning ourselves out.

It is important to slow down, pace yourself, and take breaks periodically throught the day, so you can stay on top of your game, whether your at work or at school or at home!

With this, or other videos, or instrumental music or nature sound audio files like "The Power Of Spring" audio file on the free stuff page, you can practice this mindfulness training too.

Just look and listen.  Don't add a layer of emotionality to what you are experiencing.  Keep the words out of your head.  Just let the sights and sounds wash over you.  You've let the peace of nature come into your mind.

Have a good day!


Greeley Area Psychiatrist Gives Away Free Stress Manament Book sticky icon

"The Power Over Stress" Teaches Stress Managment

Strategies That Help Fight Negative Thinking

It's Free On The Free Stuff Page That Is Getting More Than 20 Page Hits Per Day! Download it and share it with your friends by email!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I checked the hit count on The Free Stuff Page this morning.  We got 10 inches of snow, I had several patients who couldn't make their visit, so I visited my web site...and surprise!  I saw The Free Stuff page got 2,449 page hits in the past 90 days.  Wow, and the hits come from people all over the world.  In the past, I've seen hits come from Europe, England, and countries all over the world including Brazil, as well as from all over the US. 

One item people check out there is the free book, "The Power Over Stress."  It is Book 1 in the list of attachments at the free stuff page at this link:

I thought I'd review that little book so people can know a little more about it.

Positive thinking is very weak, actually. The book is about optimism. When people are optimistic they hope for the best...and anticipate the worst and are ready for it, and ready to learn from it. That is different than just, simply, "hoping for the best."

Where I grew up, in North Dakota, people were often positive thinkers or pessimists.  The positive thinkers had read, sometimes, The Power Of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale.  That is a good book, and teaches people to also anticipate problems, with rational thinking and prayer.  I'm all for that.

But as a teen I'd lapsed into being pessimistic.  I looked at problems as being bigger than me, so I didn't believe in myself.

Then I met John Curtis.  He was my camp director at 15, a perfect gentleman and head of 20 staff members at Metigoshe Scout Camp.  And an optimist by nature.  Just the antidote for my pessimism.

That is where this book picks up.  I wrote it after taking pictures around the Scout Camp.  I went back to visit the camp with Professor Curtis and remenisce about the "good old days", and so I included pictures from that trip in the book.

I owe so much to the good professor!  I hope those who read the book get something out of it and learn that special kind of magic that optimistic thinking has for those who practice it.

(Here is a picture of me at my office on a warmer day)




Loveland Area Psychiatrist Talks About Treating Depression sticky icon

Positive Thinking Boosts The Impact Of Medication

For Treating Depression

Read Here To Get The Inside Edge On Optimism!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I see people from a wide area in Colorado and Wyoming, and find medication often needs a little help from positive thinking.

Then medication often doesn't stop working!  Many people complain their medications for depression "wear off," but I then ask, "When did that happen?" and "What was happening in your life then?" 

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Offers Tips On Bipolar Treatment! sticky icon

A Stable Routine Helps Stabilize Mood!

But What Does A Stable Routine Involve?

I Made A Social Routine Chart With The Answers!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Sometimes medications alone are not enough to stabilize one's mood, when one is dealing with bipolar affective disorder.  A stable routine can ramp up the impact of medications and help in designing that routine for you may involve using my chart, available free on the freestuff page, at this link: