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Good News About Herbal Medicines: Some Really Work!

Reviews in medical journals find some winners, some losers

Reliable studies hard to find, but the Good Day Journal has found them for you!  Saving you time and money!

Key Words: depression, anxiety, dementia, memory, herbal remedies, St John’s Wort, caffeine


by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


You hear it all the time.  “Try my new remedy!  It really works!  It’s natural!”

Truth or slick sales job, these ads land on tv late at night, when its my turn to feed my two month old son, and of course they are all over grocery store tabloids.  (OK, I’ve been known to read some of them too.)

In my training, I was told no herbal medication really works.  They are all examples of “quackery.”

Well, the problem with that is...there was no evidence for that opinion!  That kind of wholesale “writing off” all herbal remedies is not practicing good medicine.

The reality is...quite interesting!

Some remedies do work!  In fact, one company in China is spending millions of dollars trying to find more remedies and isolate the active components of remedies that have been found to work.

The impact of some remedies is something big companies are willing to invest millions of dollars in...hey those herbal doctors are onto something!

But only a few herbal remedies have “cut the mustard” (pun intended) and found to make more of a difference compared to a sugar pill.  Why is that a big deal?  For many maladies affecting brain and the rest of the body, about 20-30% of people will report medical problems improving after taking just a sugar pill!  This is the great “placebo effect.”

The problem with the placebo effect is, with some herbal remedies, you are paying good money--and sometimes alot of money--to get what a sugar pill would give you.  Some herbals cost 50 or 100 dollars per month!  Not cheap.

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