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Social Media Marketing, It's The Future Baby!

But I'm can't control what people will say about me!  Yikes...

Okay, so people want to know what I personally am thinking.  Well I'm at a social media marketing conference today.  Whew.  It's complicated to know Facebook (800 million users), Twitter (million)s), and create buzz by word of mouse.  This stuff is just weird.  I don't get it.  People say wow, tweet, I saw this I saw that.  Tweet tweet tweet.  It just seems so dumb to me.  Oh, look, I am getting a coffee at the starbucks at the Hilton in Fort Collins. 

People Do Funny, Crazy, Extreme Stuff!

Catch These Videos For An Adrenaline Rush!

by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor, Good Day Journal


Obesity Costs You Dearly!

Obesity Stats To Raise Your Eyebrows!

by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor, Good Day Journal

Here is a great article reviewing the actual costs to individuals from carrying to much weight..


New Patient Form

Below are a variety of forms that people may find useful.  To download, simply click the link and the download will proceed.  Thank you for visiting Good Day Journal.


Harris Jensen, MD

Spring is coming!

March has seen warm winds and tulips, but cold winds are back!

In front of the office, some of the 100 tulip bulbs I planted last fall are coming up. Just in time for snow. Meanwhile the economy is just as cold and icy as the weather.

People I know are working hard, doing what they do best, and being more resourceful at that.


Second Music Video Released! Classical Music Relaxes The Soul....

Aspen Crowns In Their GloryLush sounds of classical music

combine with Rocky Mountain wildlife photos

for relaxing moments

Key words: photography, music, Jason Sandvick, Sibelius, Youtube, wildlife photography

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


We are on a roll!  This week Good Day Journal launched a second Youtube video featuring wildlife photography combined with relaxing music.

Hey, it's time to wind down!  And what better way than with the images of nature in its unspoiled beauty in the Rocky Mountains...

The video starts with harsh windswept snowscapes in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, near Arlington, Wyoming.

The music is dark and brooding from Jason Sandvick.  This digital composition was made on the web site Sibelius, performed and produced there as well.

This is music made on the internet.  Not a finger touched a keyboard here.  After the opening blue snow scenes, images appear of rain falling from clouds lit up in sunset light, then there are some of melting snow, running mountain creeks, and soon come images of summer in the Rocky Mountains.  Hawks fly over, flowers bloom, the beauties of summer are everywhere to be seen and taken in, lifting the human spirit.

Sandvick's composition complements the imagery very well...

And it sounds great!

Take a look and take a listen on the Youtube video embedded above...

Update On Treatment Of Bipolar Affective Disorder:

A Monthly Updated Feature Of Good Day Journal

by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor, Good Day Journal
Key Words: bipolar affective disorder, treatment strategies, psychiatry, relapse prevention

...Treating bipolar disorder is now out in the popular press.  News magazines talk about it,  medications for it are advertised on TV assuming people know what bipolar is and how its treated.  But what is the way to measure if treatment is successful or not?
Below are updated notes from current research on bipolar affective disorder help you stay educated on the latest in the science of treating bipolar affective disorder.
*Treat bipolar disorder until there’s no mood swing...or not even a symptom of a mood swing?
Answer: get rid of all the symptoms.    Click this link for the article with insight.  Any symptom can bring on many more.  Just because a person with bipolar affective disorder isn’t “sad” or “angry” or “up” doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble ahead.
In a twenty year prospective naturalistic survey of 223 patients with bipolar I or II, the National Institutes Of Mental Health found some startling results:
...A major mood episode (mania or depression) came on five times faster if a person had some symptoms of mania or depression, compared to people with no symptoms.
  <--!break--> This is news you can use!
Residual sypmptoms need to be removed!  They suggest the bipolar illness is still active!  They are a sign the person needs to do more work with psychotherapy or medications or lifestyle changes to calm the brain down!
People with no symptoms:
...had mood swings one fifth as often
...had mood swings one third as often after routine survey visits
...had half the mood swing rate in the first six months after first diagnosed with bipolar disorder (a critical  time)
...had one fifth the mood swings in the first two years after diagnosis (or first mood swing)
...had no recurrent mood swing ten years after initial diagnosis in 26% of people, compared to everyone having residual symptoms having a recurrent mood episode in that time frame.
The bottom line: residual symptoms of mood swings indicate a person with bipolar disorder is not well.
Residual symptoms are a “flag” that more mood swings are likely in the near future.
The gold standard in bipolar treatment:
treat vigorously until no symptoms of mood swings remain.  To see the article, click “no symptoms are the goal.”
(From Steven Dubovsky, “Are “euthymic patients really well,”  Journal Watch Psychiatry, July 2008, page 55.  And from, “Residual symptom recover from major affective episodes in bipolar disorder and rapid episode relapse/recurrence,” Judd, LL, et. al., Archives of General Psychiatry, April, 2008 65:386.)  HJ 7/7/08

...Rational thinking also prevents mood swings, as this study attests in the American Journal of Psychiatry.  Positive, kind, reasonable thinking works to prevent mood swings!  To see the study, click thinking reasonably prevents mood swings.

...We know the brain is biological.  There are no invisible parts of it that somehow magically give us mood swings.  We know medical illnesses worsen mood swings.  But do mood swings increase the rate of people getting other medical concerns?  Yes.  People with bipolar affective disorder tend to get more: hypertension, weight issues, high cholesterol, diabetes, pulmonary problems, according to this medical problems.

  January, 2009...

Here's a great review of diagnosis and treatment of bipolar affective disorder!  Thanks to Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia!

Here's a great, great review of what bipolar is and how its managed and what's the science behind all those recommendations!  I really like these articles from Wikipedia.  They get right to the point!  If you are getting your bipolar treated, it is very helpful to know what is the role of medicine and what is the role of counseling.  What are they supposed to do?  These articles will give you answers to all of that...

First read What is bipolar and how is it treated?  Then read about cognitive behavior therapy, psychoeducation, then family therapy and interpersonal social rhythm therapy.  Now you have a great review of what is done and why in order to manage the roller coaster mood swings of bipolar disorder...all for free!  Thank you to Jimmy  Wales, founder of Wikipedia.


Good News About Herbal Medicines: Some Really Work!

Reviews in medical journals find some winners, some losers

Reliable studies hard to find, but the Good Day Journal has found them for you!  Saving you time and money!

Key Words: depression, anxiety, dementia, memory, herbal remedies, St John’s Wort, caffeine


by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


You hear it all the time.  “Try my new remedy!  It really works!  It’s natural!”

Truth or slick sales job, these ads land on tv late at night, when its my turn to feed my two month old son, and of course they are all over grocery store tabloids.  (OK, I’ve been known to read some of them too.)

In my training, I was told no herbal medication really works.  They are all examples of “quackery.”

Well, the problem with that is...there was no evidence for that opinion!  That kind of wholesale “writing off” all herbal remedies is not practicing good medicine.

The reality is...quite interesting!

Some remedies do work!  In fact, one company in China is spending millions of dollars trying to find more remedies and isolate the active components of remedies that have been found to work.

The impact of some remedies is something big companies are willing to invest millions of dollars in...hey those herbal doctors are onto something!

But only a few herbal remedies have “cut the mustard” (pun intended) and found to make more of a difference compared to a sugar pill.  Why is that a big deal?  For many maladies affecting brain and the rest of the body, about 20-30% of people will report medical problems improving after taking just a sugar pill!  This is the great “placebo effect.”

The problem with the placebo effect is, with some herbal remedies, you are paying good money--and sometimes alot of money--to get what a sugar pill would give you.  Some herbals cost 50 or 100 dollars per month!  Not cheap.