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I need help from my "Geek Squad" readers! Videos won't download! sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day

OK, I know up to 100 of you readers are hitting my site each day!  That's great.  But my hit counter says 5-10 times per day you try to download a movie and get a "page load error" message!


And I want to post more movies in 2010 and tap into the power of my MAC, showing my readers some of the great wonders of how our brain works...but the movies won't download.


Here is my question for you:  have any of you been able to download one of my movies on the page

Journal Gets 9,011 Hits In 2009! sticky icon

Hit counts jump to 9,011 in 2009 after addition of new charts, music, books and audio books!

Light therapy and quitting smoking articles by Northern Colorado Psychiatrist gain top hit counts!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The Good Day Journal just started out as a whimsical idea.  Let's put out some articles about what people are doing to make a better life for themselves.  In our first year, we got 5,000 hits.  Not bad!

But this year the hit count almost doubled!  The addition of the web page free stuff is credited for doubling the traffic to the web site.  Find it at

Free Stuff is a page of free downloads.  Just click the item and download it!  Items include the four step stress managment model that you see to the left:)

Dr. Harris Jensen releases strategies for stress managment sticky icon

"Chart 16" reviews secrets he's learned in 15 years of doing cognitive behavior therapy

Soon to be released in new book

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


"How can I turn around my anger when it hits me," a patient recently asked me.  "What's a simple way?  I don't have time to read some long book."

I now refer many people to Chart 16 at

This is a review of many of the thinking errors and communication mishaps that are like traffic accidents in the mind.  They create a mess with lots of consequences.  So to know these mistakes, it is like seeing trouble in advance.  It is as if you can see an icy street up ahead and you know what to do.  Avoid it!  It is as if you see trouble ahead in the form of a reckless driver...and you know what to do...avoid him!

Many times in cognitive behavior therapy, the therapist and patient will arrive at some conclusion about what is a certain error in one's thinking or actions, or in communication.  Then a name is placed on the mistake, in a way to say "stay awar from this one!  I learned my lesson here!  This is trouble!"

So much of our life is created by the words we use to think our thoughts.  Knowing which ones to avoid makes life so much easier.  You can see things much clearer. 

Massage Therapy Helps Heal The Soul And The Body... sticky icon

Here’s Some Lame Excuses For Not Getting Massage Therapy!

Sharon Welch Reviews What Is Known About Massage Therapy And It's Potential For Physical Healing

By Sharon Welch
Massage Therapy Editor For The Good Day Journal, and
Certified Massage Therapist
Loveland, Colorado

Massage therapists are a little like celebrities in social situations. People are fascinated with us, and the mystery that what we do. When people find out what I do for a living, we usually have one of two kinds of conversations. The first is the obvious, and starts with “I sure could use a massage, how much do you charge!” and the other is the polar opposite, “I could never get a massage.” The latter is the conversation that I love to get into. 

Billy Dennison Froehner's Green Concert Revisited sticky icon

Seven Album's Celebrate Nature's Ability To Revive The Human Soul

Songs and Movies Produced by Harris Jensen, MD

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

They are all here, at the Journal, all seven album's of Billy Dennison Froehner's music.  People have been asking about what is in these albums, what is their background, so here is their history!

You can find them in albums 1-7 at

But don't think you can download them with Internet Explorer!  For some reason, the songs and the movies of The Green Concert don't download with that browser.

You can download three hours of his music and one hour of his music videos, all for free, but using the internet browser Mozilla Firefox.  To get Firefox for free, go to:

Some also prefer to use quicktime player to view the movies (which are quicktime movies), and you can download that at:


Here is a review of the albums in the music and movies of The Green Concert, which celebrates the living things that wrap around our wonderful planet and make our lives so much better for it.

1. The Green Concert I

This is the straightforward piano jazz, played on a grand piano...with the vision of The Green Concert.  This vision is

that nature is a green blanket over the earth, a blanket of living things, whose life insprires us with their beauty, their

power and resiliency.  We are part of this Green Earth too, and have this beauty and power and resiliency in us.  What a

thing of wonder!  What a thing to celebrate and be thankful for.  We have the gift of life!

01 A Chorus For The Spring Crocus    2:07    Billy Dennison Froehner        Jazz

These rolling, relaxing strains evoke the beauty of the Pasque Flower, one of the first flowers to appear after the spring

snows melt.  Often they are found right at the edge of a melting snow bank, or tucked under a swatch of brown grass from

Billy Dennison Froehner Releases Seven New Albums! sticky icon


Who is Billy Dennison Froehner?

A Composer  Of Piano Jazz Who Has Played Jazz Since Before Elvis Did Rock And Roll!

See the whole interview with Billy and 5 albums of his music at
(Albums 1-7)
By Harris Jensen, MD
To talk with this gentleman, you’d think he was your grandpa. Soft spoken, walking gently, a kindly look in his eye, always something kind to say. Little children love to sit in his lap as he plays games with them.
When Billy sits down at the piano, now Billy is really in his game. 
Jazz has been his profession and life’s passion since 17,  or for 66 years for this fellow who is, as he says it, “83 years young.”
“I loved jazz when I first started hearing it. I mean I first studied classical music but my Dad showed me some rag time jazz, that was in the Thirties, and I liked it, you know, and I’ve loved it ever since!”
At 17 he graduated from high school in a blue collar district of New Jersey and for Billy, it was time to help with the family finances. 
“My Mom said you’ve got one month to get a job in music or else you’re sacking groceries at the A and P!” Billy recalls.

Mystic Mountain Moments DVD Released! sticky icon

Nature Images and Jazz Music Combined...

Mystic Mountain Moments DVD brings soothing music and soothing images of the Rocky Mountains to your DVD player

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


Mark Sloniker is one of the all time greats in jazz, I think.  I love his soothings, rolling sounds, his great can find him most Saturdays at Jay's Bistro and he's always the same.  Upbeat, joyful, loving life for all the wonder and meaning it brings.

Now his music is joined with photography of nature that conveys that same attitude of wonder and gratitude.

To see more, check it out on at






Free Stuff offers stress managment resources--here's the menu! sticky icon

Free Stuff Page takes off as a super practical idea... helps our ANNUAL HIT COUNT JUMP UP TO 9,011!

Free Jazz Music!  Free Nature Movies! Free Books!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

All in one place, you can download music, audio books, audio files, charts, articles, ebooks, and movies:75 items I've authored and I'm giving them away to help you have a better day.

Find them at

I've been giving these away for 6 years now, and the seven empty CD spindles in my office show I've given away 700 CD's with these items on them.  All have been found to help folks unwind, destress, and enjoy the beauties of nature.

The big new edition is the gift of 16 songs from professional jazz pianist Billy Dennison Froehner.

Here's an overview of what you can download with a click:

1. Music

There is hours of music from Billy Dennison Froehner and soon others. 


These are high quality recordings of solo piano jazz on album one, the songs are mixed with environmental sounds on album 2 and album 3, and then album 4 is half an hour of sooting river sounds with the songs coming and leaving -- a solid half an hour unbroken with soothing sounds.  Album 5 does the same for the last half of Billy's album.  Album 6  and 7 are interviews with this jazz legend, who continues to perform in New York and the east coast, as well as in Colorado.

2. Movies

Six movies are there so far.  The first four are 2-5 minute movies with nature images and jazz music from Mark Sloniker (see for more of his music).  The fifth and sixth are part of a movie series, called The Green Concert, celebrating the inspiration that comes from the wonderful living things on our wonderful "green" planet.  These longer movies, of 20-30 minutes, feature wildlife and wildflower images in a movie format with Billy's music and river sounds and the recordings of bird songs, all from the Rocky Mountains. Three more movies will come with his music.  These movies will play on your ipod or computer, load em into your itunes!  Great way to take in the peace and tranquility that God put in nature!


Well, there is one so far.  It is a PDF book, an ebook, on some gems I've learned for stress managmenet.  It is called "The Four Secrets For Successful Living," and it combines positive thinking and other strategies I've seen work, and I've used myself, for 35 years.

4. Audio Books

None so far, but they will be coming!

5. Audio Files

Albums 8, 9, 10 are dedicated to helping you learn to practice deep relaxing techniques: deep breathing, visualization, meditation.  The first two albums make it easy.  Just listen and do what it says and you will learn to meditate!  Album 10 has nature sounds for you to use on your own, to get your mind in a "good frame of mind," taking in the peace of nature from the sounds of nature, namely the sounds of a Rocky Mountain stream with the sounds of a crackling campfire and chirping birds!

6. Articles

I've written a number of articles on stress managment, organization and the like.  Download and read for free!

7. Charts

Keeping track is a big deal.  What you track you can change is an old saying.  These charts help you keep track of: anxiety, daily routines, bipolar mood swings, symptoms of ptsd and other items.

Give me feedback on what you like or don't like!


Harris Jensen, MD

Animal Companions--God Love 'Em! sticky icon

"Fuel The Spark" is a great book, reminding us of great truths,

which our animal companions have already mastered!

By Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal
Sometimes just showing up, just coming to the place you are supposed to be, is 90 percent of a person’s success. I was reminded of that tried and true principle reading a great little book last night, it is called “Fuel For The Spark,” written by a great entrepreneur and creativity consultant in Fort Collins, Kevin Houchin.
So it was of no surprise today, that my dog Elsker had a great day right off the bat.
Here is Elsker, the "lover dog,"
She just needs to show up. I have to show up and work at being a doctor, but she just needs to show up.  She's been my office dog for nine years, what a great record!
 “That’s a nice dog you have in your office,” a patient told me.

Free Music! Free Books! Free audio books! Free interviews! Free documents! Free movies! sticky icon

Free Music For Your Ipod and CD's!

Free Self Help Books On Stress Managment!

Free Music and more available at


35 items beat Walmart for their low price...nothing!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

We got a little restless here at the journal.  So we started a new kind of web page

All it has is freestuff! 

35 items have been posted and more are on the way. 

Check it out and enjoy. The raves are coming in for Billy Dennison Froehner's piano jazz...more later.  Stay tuned!

For the freestuff, go to