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"Mountain Boy" Recounts The Life Of A Boy At Home In The Wilderness sticky icon

Jim Smith's Adventures As A Ten Year Old Were Amazing!

He Lived In The Wilderness And Learned To Hunt And Fish On His Own

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Do you need a little adventure story to break up your day?  Listen to these audio files recapping the story of a young boy, growing up in the 1970's in a little log cabin up Poudre Canyon.

Log Furniture In Colorado Has A Name... sticky icon

Log Fancy

Rustic Log Furniture Made By A Real Mountain Man!

Jim Smith!

The Book "Mountain Boy" Chronicles His Life As A Boy At Home In The Wilderness

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

( To see log furniture made by the mountain man Jim Smith, see the link Log Furniture.)Jim Smith was raised in the mountains.  The Rocky Mountains.  His Dad brought him up high in the Poudre Canyon to live in a log cabin when he was just eight years old.  There he continued to learn to fish and hunt, live off the land, fend for himself.

He walked every day to school.

(Above is a phto of  a rustic log table made by Mr. Smith)


For two miles.

From age 8 to 10.

Coming home, he'd read the Bible, make dinner for himself.

"I'd fix macaroni and cheese but I'd clean everything up, take good care of things.  My Dad taught me to respect everything.  That meant other people, the animals, what you cooked and cleaned with, what you fished and hunted with.

"How did you respect the trout in the mountain streams there?" I asked him

"I ate them," he said.

"How about the deer and elk?"  I asked.

"I ate them too," he replied, laughing. 

He had to eat something for protein, so he hunted for it.  He wouldn't call himself poor.  He was rich with the freedom to roam the mountains, to hunt and trap, at such a young age.

He found arrowheads and even a military sword near Belleview, Colorado, as a young boy.

He looks back at his younger years as charmed ones.  He had a father who understood his love for nature and nature's God.

Each day after dinner, he'd read the Bible like his father taught him to. 

"What did you learn from the Bible?" I asked him.

"How to live," he said.

"Treat everyone with respect. Live an honest life.  Work hard.  Be thankful for what you got."

Down home wisdom learned from mountain people.

Jim had many adventures in his young life and they are one's I've been writing up and recording in the book "Mountain Boy."


Good Day Journal Hit Count Hits 120,000 Per Year! sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

At the end of each year I look at hit counts for the journal.  Are we reaching out there and finding anyone?  Is anybody out there reading us?  Today at lunch I looked at the hit page hits in the past twenty four hours.  Lets see...multiply that times the days in the year and we are getting 120,000 plus page hits per day.

Not bad!

People visit us after going to google, some casino somewhere,, and tons of other sites from all over the world.

Pretty wild!

Introduce Teenagers To Fishing And Hunting In Colorado sticky icon

Colorado Youth Outdoors Helps Families Introduce Teens To The Great Outdoors!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

"Hey did you hear about Colorado Youth Outdoors?"  a fellow recently asked me.  "No," I said. "Tell me about it..."

HCG For Weight Loss--Here Is How To Make It Work! sticky icon

Scientific Studies Show How To Keep The Weight Off That Is Lost With The HCG Diet

Gastric Bypass Surgery In Fort Collins May Be Avoided With New Diet And Psychotherapy Strategies!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Dr. Harris Jensen Is Handing Out Free CD's! sticky icon

Stress Managment Information For Free!

Educational CD's Help Patients Get Skills And Information

Information Is Power!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Many people are too busy to read books now days.  They listen to iPods and CD's and MP3 players.

I figured, if you can't beat em, join em.

I've given out over 600 CD's in the past 10 years and intend to give out 600 this year alone.  They cover a variety of topics, from managing bipolar, overcoming anxiety, beating stress, dealing with depression, getting social skills, learning to meditate, fascinating facts about the brain, and entertaining jazz music and soothing sounds of a Rocky Mountain Stream.

Below is a list of these CD's.  If you are a patient of mine, just ask for one of these CD's at the start of our visit and I'll burn one for you!

Dr. Jensen’s CD List

(Tell Dr. Jensen What CD You Want At The Start Of Your Visit And He’ll Make A Free One For You)

1.Strategies For Living        

(A 2 CD series reviewing time management strategies and optimistic thinking strategies to manage stress well. Review of To Do Lists, daytimer uses.)

2. Taking Charge Of Depression
3. Taking Charge Of Bipolar Affective Disorder
4. Taking Charge Of Anxiety
5. Taking Charge Of Panic
6. Taking Charge Of Social Anxiety
7. Taking Charge Of Job Hunting
8. Taking Charge Of Obsessive Compulsive Issues
9. Taking Charge Of Attention Deficit Issues
10. Taking Charge Of Professional Organization
11. Taking Charge Of Meditation
12. Taking Charge Of Meditating More Deeply
13. Taking Charge Of Walking Meditation (Discs 1-4)
14. Taking Charge Of Sitting Meditation (Discs 1-2)
15. Mountain Boy (An Adventure Story)
16. In The Man Cave (An Adventure Story) (Discs 1-10)
17. Elk Huntin’ Secrets (Adventure Stories) (Discs 1-6)

18. The Green Concert (Solo Piano Jazz by Billy Dennison Froehner, Produced by Dr. Jensen, 16 songs)

19. The Green Concert II (Same as above, 8 songs, with stream sounds, 37 minutes)

20. The Green Concert III (Same as above, 8 songs, with stream sounds and bird sounds, 49 minutes)

21. The Green Concert IV (one song as above, Segue In The Aspens I, 45 continuous minutes, jazz piano and stream sounds)

22. The Green Concert V(one song, Segue In The Aspens II, 41 minutes, solo piano jazz pieces coming and going with background stream and bird sounds)

23. Interview With Jazz Pianist Billy Dennison Froehner on his life in jazz music

24. Relaxing Stream Sounds (Four tracks of 2, 5, 15 minutes)



Keep Up With Threats To Our Environment! sticky icon

Keep Informed And Fight For Those Who Can't Defend Themselves!

Become An Activist For Nature!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Some people don't care if mountains are turned into real estate developments.

If you want to know about the threats to our environment, here are links to two fabulous "new summaries" on line, that are used to inform some members of congress!

Fight For Nature

Meditate To Feel Close To Nature sticky icon

Meditation Can Be An Antidepressant Too!

The Field Of Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy Has Much Evidence Behind It To Show It Works

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Records Mindfulness CD

Free Audio File Available In This Article!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

We all need to lighten UP! sticky icon

Sharon Welch entertains us with another funny story!

by Sharon Welch


Go Green And Don't Get Apathetic Or Burnt Out! sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Thanks to one kind reader, who emailed this link, about addressing how people can get "burnt out" caring for the environment.

I love nature but I can get apathetic or burnt out, doing the extra steps it takes to "go green."  I cut a tree down last week, and not finding a recycle place, brought it to the Fort Collins Landfill!