You are hereGood News: Free Relaxation Movie About The Rocky Mountains!

Good News: Free Relaxation Movie About The Rocky Mountains!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 26 June 2008

Journal Release First In Series Of Nature Music Videos
Nature images and jazz music make for relaxing moments...

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Key words: relaxation, nature photography, nature video, jazz music, Mark Sloniker, stress managment
by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor Good Day Journal


After several years in development, it’s here!  A collaboration of two Colorado artists has yielded a series of four movies totaling about 90 minutes of relaxing nature images and soothing jazz sounds.
Mark Sloniker, a well known jazz artist in Colorado, has produced a number of CD’s (see which have been used as movie soundtracks before (ABC Sports and Public Television) but this is his first collaboration with Jensen.
Now is Jensen an artist?
Well, I’m writing this article!  The reader will have to decide! 
These nature images have come from thousands of miles of touring the Rocky Mountains.
For any die hard mountain lover, those words don’t sound too impressive, I know.  Most people have driven thousands of miles in the mountains, come on!  You can’t help it!
The lush colors in fall, the endless parade of color, deep yellows of aspens contrasting with deep greens of spruce and fir, the vibrant blue skies, radiant shell shot pink sunsets...we’ve all seen them, and I’m thankful I live here and took it all in, with my mind and my camera.
Now is that special?
I think so...and yet I’ve met dozens of people who have shot thousands of pictures of the Rocky Mountains too, and lots of great pictures!
When you write an article like this, explaining why people “should” view your video, you’ve got to answer the “so what” question.  What is special about the movie.
Well, it’s free.
It’s vibrant.
It’ll play on your iphone or ipod or computer.

Lots of people have loved seeing it.
Here’s what people have said, viewing the 19 minute version (which will be released soon.)
“I get stressed at work, and when I turn on the TV it doesn’t help.  But to watch this video of nature and listen to the music, I just have to watch and listen and my mind gets off work. Works for me!”
“I play it when I am trying to settle my kids down to go to bed.  I just play it on my computer, they watch it, and talk about the flowers and animals.  Settle’s them down!”
“I just watch it and I can let go of stressors easier.”
“I like the colors.”
“I like the fact I can watch nature whenever I want.  It’s in my phone!”
Well, there you have it...let me know what you think...
Versions below are for streaming on web, playing in iphone or ipod, or playing on computer.  DVD’s for play on computer or DVD players will soon be available at
Harris Jensen



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