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Good News For Learning Meditation!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 24 June 2008

Journal Releases Free Meditation Audio File!!!

Yours for the downloading at the bottom of this article...

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by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The audio files below review an introduction to meditation or mindfulness training.  With a little humor involved in the process!

Our lives can be so stressful, but nothing beats quieting our busy brains down, so they simply accept each moment as it comes to it.

We often "resist" each moment as it comes to us.

We may do that by thinking too much, feeling too much, worrying about the past, worrying about the future, planning, dwelling on how things are not how you like them.

Hey, we are good at fighting the present moment!

But that is where we live.

We have no other time to live in, but now.

We have no other place to be, but here.

So, with these sound tracks I invite you to learn to be here and now with an accepting attitude.

Easier said than done!  I know!  Just because I'm writing these lines doesn't mean I'm an expert at meditation.  Come on!  Get real!  I am working at it just like you.  We are all practicing.

To say I am "good at it," would be...well, judging myself, wouldn't it?  And that kind of judging, that kind of thinking, is what gets us into trouble.  Judgmental thinking, or evaluating yourself of others in a disrespectful manner, opens the door to suffering.

It doesn't feel good to judge yourself or others.

And yet our brain has that tendency, doesn't it? 

So in meditation, you can learn sharper insights into how your unique mind works like this.  And better yet, you can learn to see these moments of judgmental thinking, accept them, and move on to what you want to do...which is to be more peaceful and have more self control!

Thank you for checking this out.  If you are interested in more audio files, there are some available for download in the catalog at Good Day Journal.  




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