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June 19, 2008--Journal Makes Big Leaps Forward! Here's How We're Doing It!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 19 June 2008

What a big two weeks its been at Good Day Journal!

We've had a string of milestones:


1. Last week Mark Sloniker, jazz musician extraordinare, signed an agreement to let us use his music in nature music videos!

2. This week we published articles with classy pdf graphics!

3. This week we published articles with audio files!  Now articles will read themselves to the reader!  Complete with sound effects and music!

4. Last week hyperlink bugs were worked out, so this week many articles have live hyperlinks!  No dead links!

5. An author from Argentina, Pablo, began work with the Good Day Journal on a children's book!  This will come in an audio book in English and Spanish!

6. And this week Good Day Journal will issue their first movie!  That's right, an agreement with Timberstone Productions has made it possible for GDJ to publish movies produced by Timberstone, a Fort Collins, CO, multimedia production company. Timberstone will produce movies, Good Day Journal will present them!

To test things out...I went on to Google and typed in "stress managment" and ...  nothing!  Google doesn't even see us!  Oh well, we at GDJ will keep doing what we do best.  Presenting articles, books, movies and audio files about how to make your life better...maybe some day Google will see us...

In other news....

This morning, on my way out to care for our dogs, the bright Colorado summer sun was blazing away, low in the eastern sky.

Last night a great horned owl was hooting from a neighbor's tree and I brought in our lap dog, Hilton, so he wouldn't get eaten.  I'm thankful the owl told us he was there!  

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus told us 2,500 years ago, "The world is an everlasting fire."  It sure is.  The fire from the sun collects in the leaves of the green things growing around us...this morning my pumpkin plants I planted for our daughter, Jillian, 3, were doing just fine, throwing out three big yellow three pits beside the two for pumpkins, I counted 80 sprouts of watermelon and muskmelon...rising up from the brown earth, taking in the energy from the sun! 

Elsewhere, our garden, which got a late start this year, has sprouts of tomatos (OK I killed the first bunch of sprouts), radishes, peppers, corn, beans and see the little green hands come reaching out of the dirt gladdens the soul...My mother's father farmed wheat on the prairies as did my father's they too felt close to the workings of the earth if they could only plant seeds and see them come rushing up out of the dirt, chasing the light from the sun.

If you want to feel close to nature, I heartily recommend that you plant your hands in the dirt and bring little green things along, and see first hand how you can help God bring more life onto the earth.

When you shoveled that dirt and manure, planted those seeds, watered that patch of soil, then you see the little green things sprout, then you can feel close to them and closer to nature.

I look at my hands, and see they came from my mother's hands and my father's hands, and I'm carrying on their tradition.

"Isn't it just wonderful to see these wheat fields come sprouting up?" I remember my Dad saying to us boys when we were young.  The fields of spring wheat and durum wheat were a green carpet.  It did look vibrant, bursting with life. 

I feel more vibrant, and feel more of the life thriving in me, when I garden. HJ