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May 22, 2008 I'm Thankful For The Rain

By harrisjensen - Posted on 22 May 2008

This morning, clouds, rain, a cool breeze out of the northwest.

Walking along a gravel road, hearing my boots crunch along, nature is thriving.

Flax is blooming in little bunches, sprung from seeds from last years' flax that came from seeds our hands sprinkled the year before that.

Robins sing, meadowlarks were calling.  To the west a flock of pigeons flew past, harrassed by a kestrel, hunting for its fledglings.

Nature is thriving in its ancient rhythms.  Energy and information flowing.  I am thankful for this day and my ability to be a partner with these other living things this day.  Thank you Lord!

Yesterday, the 10th chick hatched, bursting out of its egg shell, dark eyes looking on the world with a wobbly head.  My head would be wobbly too if I had to peck out of a shell that had imprisoned me for all my known life!

The day before that, an opportunity to share this thankful attitude I've been taught with young people.  A friend, Pablo, joined with me as we dreamed of a children's book full of wildlife pictures, telling adventure stories in Spanish and English.  All composed into a pdf format for little or no charge, available here at the Good Day Journal!  Pablo shares this joy in living with children too, and enjoys the challenge of writing.  Also, his voice is like that of Antonio Bandaras who spoke the part of the cat Puss N Boots in the Shrek maybe we'll do an audio book too!  What's wrong with dreaming a little...Lindsay my web designer says in the coming weeks she'll activate the module for hosting pdf and audio files in the Good Day Journal, but everything takes time...sigh..dreams take patience before they come hatching out of their shells.