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Sonja Silva Reveals Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss Success!

By Anonymous - Posted on 11 October 2017

Fort Collins Nutritionist Shares Her Wisdom!

by Sonja Silva


Food is complicated.  Just look up "Nutrition" in Wikipedia and you will see what I mean!  Here are some common questions patients of mine have had while I have guided them to successfully losing weight and keeping it off.


Isn't it simple to find the right diet for you?

No! If it was simple then 60% of Americans wouldn't be battling being overweight.  Not all calories are the same.  Some cause weight gain, some weight loss, some are weight neutral.  Others cause cravings and addictions.  To find the right diet for you, I take into consideration your lifestyle and your food likes and dislikes.  Some food preferences can be cultural, personal, or even genetic.

One of my patients had a more stable blood sugar with corn in her diet, another found corn made her blood sugar much more unstable!  If your blood sugar is crashing it will be hard to think clearly and follow your diet.  So for those with low blood sugars, we might explore the benefits of a diet with a few more healthy fats or a diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates.  That will avoid the blood sugar crash.

Some people just metabolize fats better, so a diet higher in healthy fats, like olive oil, may be the best for them.  For others, their metabolism is better suited for a vegetarian or high protein diet.


How do you as a nutritionist figure all this out?

When I meet with a client, we go into great detail about their food preferences and look at what they are actually eating (food log) and planning (meal plan) and what is happening to their blood sugars.  The food log is an accurate history of what people are eating.  As we look at all these details patterns can be found, such as junk food eaten one day leads to cravings for junk food the next day, and the roller coaster blood sugar levels that are bound to follow.  This is like a doctor taking a history during a new patient exam.


How are your diets better?

They are custom fit.  Fad diets follow a program, but they don't take into account that certain foods might be very boring to some people...and they will just quit a boring diet.  Or certain foods can cause weight gain in one person and are weight neutral in another person.

The custom diet we create is like a treatment plan a doctor creates for you.  It is made with all your personal preferences and lifestyle goals in mind.  It's like getting a suit or dress custom tailored for you. 

I also look for clues into why your other diets failed.  Do you have certain food preferences?  Do you have a problem with low blood sugar and a vegetarian diet is going to leave you hungry all day?

When a diet fails, most likely it isn't your fault!  The nutritionist has to find out what is missing in your diet and then success will be much easier in weight loss, because you are meeting your personal and dietary needs.  For instance, adding some olive oil to a meal of jambalaya and chicken, will help sustain blood sugar levels, that otherwise might crash once the rice is metabolized.  People often eat junk food when they are hypoglycemic.  The junk food is high in sugar.

Some people are intolerant to rice, or corn, or wheat or other substances.  I look for food intolerances that can mess up an otherwise successful diet.


Can a diet help me have the willpower to follow the diet?

We all have habits built from childhood.  Like snacking, candy, etc. Also our culture is centered on what is convenient.  A successful diet takes a little more time in meal planning, recording what you eat, shopping.  But what good thing in life takes no effort?  I'll show you the easiest and quickest way to get the results you want.  I'll help you through the games our minds play as they fight the change you want.  Junk food can be more exciting than a well made salad, but I'll help you see how it was worth it to spend the time to make that salad.

A nutritionist help you think more deeply about food, not be carried away by impulses and cravings.  A nutritionist helps you build new thinking habits and meal planning habits, and find great recipes that make healthy food exciting to eat and interesting to think about.

You can't get psychotherapy out of a book, it takes that personal connection with a therapist to discover new ways to think about your self and your world.  Likewise, you can't get a good diet out of a book.  It takes a nutritionist to guide you to a diet that will help you succeed at your health and lifestyle goals.


How exactly do you do that?


In followup visits, we look at your food log and recall your values, your lifestyle goals. We build on what we are learning are the foods that work for you...or not.  Then we find great recipes for those foods that fit your lifestyle.  Such as they are quick to prepare because you are always on the go.  I coach you through the physical and psychological hurdles that have tripped you up in the past, so you will succeed in the future.

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