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Eating Healthy Can Boost Your Mood!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 07 April 2015

Nutrient Rich Foods Are Easy To Make And Tasty Too! has the recipes for foods good for your mood!

Author George Mateljan wrote the website and "The World's Healthiest Foods"

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Good food often tastes like a cardboard box.  Bland.  Pastey. What the world needs is great recipes to make food that is both tastey and full of the nutrition we need. has just that!

I meet so many people trying their best to build "a healthier brain" but eating junk food.

Taking a wholistic approach, I encourage people to build good memories.  Practice reasonable, compassionate thinking. Exercise.  And then feed your brain the good elements of nutrition so your nerves can build those healthy connections, recording your good thoughts, good actions, you took from an optimistic point of view.

What I see working with people trying to change their diet is Nutribullet and Fruit Ninja, food processors that allow you to make a puree of fruits and veggies that is tasty and quick.

The problem with that, is people can usually just make one or two meals a day.  Those procesed meals get boring too.

Enter George Mateljan.  He has dedicated his life to making great food with great recipes that are healthy...based on science and your tastebuds.

I got the book at Wholefoods. I highly recomend it and the Nutribullet too!  Keep your brain drenched in good nutrition!