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You Are What You Think!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 27 October 2014

Positive Psychology Continues To Amaze

With New Studies That Show What You Think

Can Help Control Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Even Memory and Aging!

by Julius Manheim, MD

Neuroscience Editor, Good Day Journal

It's not surprising the brain can control a whole host of the body's chemistry.  The brain is a storehouse of chemical reactions.

What is truly amazing is how much the right kind of thinking can so specifically control a certain process elsewhere in the body.

As this article in the New York Times attests:

New thinking can change: blood pressure, memory, blood sugar.  How?  Who knows.  Much of the brain is still a black box.

What this article shows is thinking about what you can do, rather than what you can't, is quite helpful for that area of the brain where we feel good about knowing our needs and getting them met.

If you are going to take a test and say, "good, this will challenge me and bring out my best.  It is helping me get smarter and this is the way that will help me succeed in my chosen major and my chosen profession."  This thinking is focused on what you can do, can say,can control, it is using what has been called the power of positive pscychology.

It is really the power of positive neuropsychology.  Thinking for a predetermined reaction in the neurochemistry of the brain.