You are hereLithium Should Be A Supplement In Colorado Due To Our High Suicide Rate!

Lithium Should Be A Supplement In Colorado Due To Our High Suicide Rate!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 17 September 2014

A Little Bit Of Lithium Is Good For Us, Scientists Say

Should it go in the drinking water?  Or with iodine in our salt?  Is it scandalous to even suggest this?

by Dr. Doug Yanlem

Neuroscience Editor, Good Day Journal

(Today we welcome another editor to our staff on the journal, Dr. Yanlem.  He has worked extensively in artificial intelligence in the high tech arena and has extensive training in cognitive behavior therapy and in neuroscience.  We welcome his insight and humor to our sometimes too serious journal! HJ)

We need minerals like the cows and horses and other animals in this world!  We can't live without calcium or sodium, when people try they collapse with seizures.

Our nerves need the stuff.

Or so it seems from the front lines of medical science.  I've seen patient collapse with seizures from low sodium levels, brought on by drinking too much water, or with too little calcium.  These are vital molecules for nerves to send in and outside their membranes to make electrical currents shiver down their pipelines, all 10 thousand miles of them, in our brain.

But lithium is a mineral too.  And now with this interesting article from the NY Times, it seems our nerves suffer when they have either too little of lithium, or too much.

Lithium is a much maligned molecule in the popular press, but I've seen it work wonders with people who have suffered from depression and mania in bipolar.  But is lithium a supplement we all need and are getting?  The answer is yes.

Sometimes, in neuroscience, truth is stranger than fiction.  Enjoy this article from the NY Times.  They don't always get it right when it comes to medical science, but they did all right with this article.  Enjoy!