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Power Books Give You Power For Stress Managment!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 18 December 2013

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Gives Away Dozens Of Stress Managment Books!

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Hundreds Of Chapter Titles Are Listed So You Can See What Might Work For You!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The power you have to conquer stress lies waiting in you.  You have tremendous power to overcome all kinds of stress!  The energy of stress is something you can harness to make your life something better!

Below you will find hundreds and hundreds of chapter titles in the dozens of books in my Power Book series.  Each chapter is based on what a real person did to take charge of their life, and overcome one specific problem.  Hundreds of people have given me feedback that these stories have been very empowering for them, so I'm now giving them away.

With Obamacare leaving some people struggling to get insurance, or afford insurance, or afford to see a doctor, I see a need for people to have access to good stress managment strategies to lower their healthcare costs.  And you can't beat the price of these books on the free stuff page.

Their free!

Here is the long list of books and chapter titles in the Power Books.  Most are available on the Free Stuff page.

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Power For Happiness!

The Power Book Series, ASelf Empowerment Program

V 12-18-2013


Harris Jensen, MD


Index Of Books And Chapters


Index Transcribed by Kim Luft


Book Chapters Transcribed by Erica Burch


(Book Titles Are Followed By A Brief Description, and some are at the Free Stuff page in Good Day Journal)


The Power Of Optimism

(This book is a great book to start with. An optimistic attitude is the single greatest empowering thing a person can do for themself!  It helps you tap into what you already know to build up your emotional self control and confidence!  This audio book explains what it is and how to keep it and make it a more powerful part of your life!)


Introduction: A Great Power Is Inside Us!

Ch. 1 What Optimism Is And Isn’t

Ch. 2 The Simple Three Steps Of Optimistic Thinking

Ch. 3 How Optimism Is Like Getting A Brain Transplant

Ch. 4 How to Chalk Things Up to Experience

Ch. 5 The Power Of Motivation

Ch. 6. A Tale Of The Pessimistic Skunk

Ch. 7 This Book Has Fuel For Your Mind!

Ch. 8 Using Optimism For Job Hunting

Power Over Everyday Stress

(This book is about how to out think the common kinds of stress people face in their everyday lives.  These issues involve dealing with rude people, time management issues, work issues, family issues.)


 Testimonial: This Book Helped Me Be Self Reliant!

Ch.1 The ABC’S Of Neurotic Thinking (Three common types of thinking that increases stress and how to identify them)

Ch. 2 Are you PROPPING Up Your Stress?

Ch. 3 The O in PROP Up Your Stress!

Ch. 4 PROP Up Your Stress

Ch. 5 Do The Opposite of PROPPing Up Your Stress

Ch.6 Overview Of Science Behind PROP Mnemonic

Ch. 7 More Of The Science Behind PROP Mnemonic

Ch. 8 Parent Or Child? The ABC’S Of the Language We Use

Ch. 9 Reviewing The Many Forms Of Neurotic Thinking

Ch.10 Steering The Emotions When They Get In A Rut

Ch.11 The Case OF The Stressed Out Landlord That Has No Significant Source Of Stress

Ch. 12 The Green Test

Ch. 13 The Power OF Challenge

Ch. 14 The Power OF Tenacity

Ch. 15 The Spinning Move

Ch. 16 The Weakness of Positive Thinking

Ch. 17 Two Simple ways To Remember The Things You Are Learning

Ch. 18 Who Has The Problem?

Ch. 19 Another Look At What Is Useful, Not Useful In Neurotic Thinking

Ch. 20 Challenges In Parenting And Being Parented Part 2

Ch. 21 Comparison OF Complainers

Ch. 22 Dealing With Catty Behavior

Ch. 23 Look At This Like its A Sport!

Ch. 24 More Uses For The Great Green Questions

Ch. 25 How To Start Your Day Like A Champ!

Ch. 26 The Power To Take Feedback Like An Adult!

Ch. 27The Power OF The Golden Rule In Reverse

Ch. 28 The Power Of Categories

Ch. 29 The Power Of Awareness

Ch. 30 The Power Of Being Suggestible!

Ch. 31 What Can Fire Up Deeper Thinking?

Ch. 32 More Power Thinking With Categories

Ch. 33 To Coin A Phrase To Stop A Situation!

Ch. 34 Guard Your Yard

Ch. 35 Helicopter Internet Parents

Ch. 36 The Power Of Poetry

Ch. 37 The Power Of Warmth!

Ch. 38 The Power Of Organic, Free Range Stress Management

Ch. 39 The Power Of New Professional Thinking

Ch. 40 Be Careful What You Believe

Ch. 41 Becoming Even Better Observing Whacky Thinking

Ch. 42 Tap Into The Power Of Growing An Idea

Ch. 43 The Power Of Your Positive Lifestyle

Ch. 44 The Power OF Tenacity

Ch. 45 The Four Power Houses

Ch. 46 Smart Phones Dumb You Down!

Ch. 47 How To Keep Energy, Not Throw It Away


The Power To Have Self Confidence

(Self confidence is believing in your ability to get certain things done, and in your self worth.  You matter!  Self confidence is not something you are born with, it is something you build up or tear down in yourself.  This very popular book shows you how to build yourself up and quit tearing yourself down!)


Preface Part A: The Top Four Strategies To Build Yourself Up!

Preface Part D The Upshot: Make The Most OF A Bad Situation

The Preface Part B 1 Learn Optimism!

The Preface Part C 1 Dare To Go To Camp!

Ch. 1A Recipe For Powerful Living

Ch. 1B Notice What Works For You!

Ch.1C Actions Motivate Us1

Ch.1D Grateful Attitudes Motivate Us!

Ch.1E Deep Thinking Motivates Us!

Ch. 1F High Hopes Motivate Us!

Ch. 1H Perfectionism Kills Our Motivation!

Ch.1I Tap Into Your Treasure With Faith!

Ch. 2A How To Get Power And Keep It!

Ch.2B Work With How The mind Works!

Ch. 2C Power Plays

Ch. 2D The Power Of exercise On Genetics In The Brain

Ch.2E  The Power Of Deep Structures In The Brain

Ch.2F The Power Of Learning To Sharpen The Mind

Ch. 2G The Power Of Well Informed Decisions

Ch. 2H The Power Of Knowing How To Get On A Roll

Ch. 2I The Power Of Skipping Steps

Ch. 2J The Power OF Automatic Feelings

Ch. 3 Ways To Help Remember What You Are Learning, Part 2

Ch. 4 The Power OF Radical Self-Acceptance


The Power Of Wisdom

(Wisdom is the knowledge of how to get things done and keep emotional self control.  This books is a work in progress and here’s the first chapter!  More chapters are on the way!)

Ch. 1 Wisdom Keeps You On Your Toes!


The Power Of The Mirages In Our Mind

(People commonly believe their emotions and the stronger their emotions are, the more they feel real and believable…even though perhaps they are phoney as a wooden nickel!  Emotions fool us all the time.  Haven’t you heard of the saying “my emotions got the best of me”?  Emotions can trick you into believing ideas that are not true and cause enormous personal suffering.  Personal success is first a “mind game” in learning to spot emotions that are mirages in our mind.  Emotions that like a mirage seem to be true, but disappear on closer inspection.  Today is the time to free yourself of these mirages that drag you down!)


The Forward: Common Sense Doesn’t Work So Let’s Try Our Illusions!

The Introduction: Dreams That Have Us running From Reality

Ch. 1 Bursting The Bubbles Of our Illusions!

Ch. 2 Crazy Beliefs And The Anger They Generate

Ch. 3 The Power Of Fantasies To Ruin Your Happiness

Ch. 4 Who I Seek Solace From!

Ch. 5 One Housewife Fights Against “La La Conspiracies” In Her Mind


The Power Of Wildness Inside Us

(Nature has inspired great people and great cultures all over the world and through out history.  Tap into this wonderful source of inspiration!  Let your mind be free as you take walks in nature and take in the peace that only nature can give.  Adventures in the great outdoors are great ways to let nature build yourself up, mentally and physically.  These chapters give examples of how adventures in nature can help us tap into a vast reservoir inspiration in nature.)


Ch. 1 The Things That Get Us Into Trouble, Manly Steak Recipe

Ch. 2 A Recipe For A Manly Steak Recipe

Ch. 3 Getting A Charge From Wild Mountains!

Ch.4 The Power Of Manly Relationships

Ch. 5 White Fuzzy Things In Peanut Butter Jar

Ch. 6 Ouch!

Ch. 7 Don’t Just Do Something Sit There

Ch.8 Notes On A new Fallen Snow

Ch. 9 Fishing And Hunting Was My Rock And Roll!

Ch. 10 John’s Smith Went Under Flood Waters, Was Saved

Ch. 11 Looking Back With A Great Old Buddy Lloyd Foster!


The Power Of The Weekend Warriors

(A book in progress, poking fun at men and the chores they do to take care of the homes and families they love!)


The Forward: Why Our Battle For Our Yard Is A Noble One

The Power Of Funny Stories

(Another book in progress, looking at humorous adventures with the lessons they can teach us…like not taking ourselves too seriously!)


Ch. 1 Making Good Memories Elk Hunting In The American West!

The Power Of Living Simply

(People all over the world are becoming disenchanted with the “rat race” of living a hectic lifestyle to keep big corporations happy who are giving them a job…or taking their job away!  The Slow Food Movement champions this return of people to lifestyles that make for a rewarding life.  But returning to a common sense lifestyle is a mind game.  This book shows the hidden rewards waiting for those who live slowly, and the hidden price others will pay for living the “rat race.” Get enlightened!  Don’t sacrifice your life for the sake of corporate greed!  This book was inspired by my travelling to Tuscany, Italy where people live their traditions as they have for thousands of years!)


Ch. 1 The Power Of Living Simply

Ch. 2 Bursting The Bubbles OF Fast Living

Ch. 3 Simpler Is Better

Ch. 4 The Fallacies Of Fast Living

Ch. 5. The Pain Of Living Simply

Ch. 6 The Power Of Slow Food

Ch.7. The Power Of Boring Food

Ch. 8 More Ways TO Keep Money In Your Pocket!

Ch. 9 More Ways You’ll Save Money Questioning Ads

Ch. 10 The Burdens Of Not Knowing The Good Life!

Ch. 11 The Power Of A Healthy Lifestyle That Works For You!

Ch. 12 The Power Of Freedom From More Commercialism

Ch. 13 The Power Of Questioning Simple Fixes

Ch. 14 Thousands Of  Dollars You’ll Save With Simple Living

Ch.15 A Chapter About The Good Life Is The Slow Life!

The Power Of Grateful Living

(There is a great power is living with an attitude of gratitude.  Much of the worlds suffering comes from people comparing their life with someone else’s…they are not grateful with what they have.  And so the self deception begins.  But in the Internet Era it is hard to not want what other people have…when you are bombarded with videos and stories of what other people are doing and buying!  This book empowers you to out think the temptations to be ungrateful, and tap into the power that comes from a sophisticated yet grateful attitude.)


Ch. 1 Pulling Together A Vision Of What Works

Ch. 2 The Vision

Ch. 3 Actions Motivate Us!

Ch. 4 A Judgmental Attitude

Ch. 5 The Power Of A Grateful Attitude

Ch. 6 The Impact Of Our Choices

Ch. 7 Work With Nature, Rise With The Sun!

Ch. 8 Grateful For The Time I Have With My Dogs And The Moon!

Ch. 9 I Am So Grateful For Singing Geese…

The Happy Bucket

(Another book in progress!  As people see the wisdom in focusing on just what you can control, can change, they also see temptations abound to focus on what you can’t control and can’t change!  This book focuses on a new strategy of just focusing and being grateful for the things you can control in your life, and teaching yourself not to look elsewhere.  If you can change only those things you can control, that is enough.  This book will include many people’s stories of the changes in their life when they wrote down one thing each day that they could control, and put it in their “happy bucket.”)


The Preface



The Power For Romance

(Men struggle to keep up with James Bond and other overdone romantic heroes in the movies.  In this book, men are taught secrets for making themselves incredibly romantic and irresistible to the woman in their life.  Women are NOT encouraged to listen to this (but they probably will…))


The Introduction

Ch. 2 The Secret Words And Actions That Ignite Romance!

Ch. 4A I’m Serious, you Make Me Feel So Funny

Ch. 5 I’m Serious Honey, You Make Me Feel So Funny

The Power For Kindness

(When you feel overwhelmed with emotions of meanness and angry thoughts, what can turn that around?  Here are stories of people who found ways to bring out the love they had and overcome the emotions of meanness that threatened to ruin their lives and the life of their family.  The secrets are all in the words you use to think your thoughts…)


Introduction: How Can I Be More Kind?

Ch. 1 Appreciating The Power Of Observing The Nature Of  Things!

The Power For Relationship Success

(What works in business and school doesn’t work in the real world of relationships.  Sometimes it is better to be nice and not try to be the one who is “right”.  Sometimes your way isn’t the only way.  But what are the ways that work for relationships to thrive?  These stories outline some time honored principles that have allowed relationships to succeed where so many fail.  It’s all about developing your power to be a good observer and wise…)


Ch. 1 Review Of The Skills You Will Use To Be Successful

Ch. 2 The Power OF Over Generalizing

Ch. 3 How Do you Express Your Love?

Ch. 4. The Power OF Pleasant Vs. Right

Ch. 5 The Power Of Projecting

Ch. 6 Part 2 Of Projecting

Ch. 7 The Power To Be Pleasant Or Not

Ch. 8. A Review Of Skills You Will Use!

Ch. 9 Noticing And Letting Go?

Ch. 10 The Place

Ch. 11 Taking Things Personally Creates Suffering!

Ch. 12 Confronting Your Suggestibility

Ch. 13 Exposing Bad Ideas That Can Wreck Your Relationship!

Ch. 14 Expressing Your Needs By Getting Angry!

Ch. 15 How To Control FANS: Feelings Automatic And Negative!

Ch. 16 Look At Things, Not With Them

Ch. 17 Looking At Facts For And Against!

Ch. 18 More Power Over Anger

Ch. 19 Power For Time Management And Budgeting!

Ch. 20 Power Over Money Conflicts!

Ch. 21 Refining Use OF the Time Out!

Ch. 22 The Power Of A Time Out!

Ch. 23 Seeing More Deeply Into Anger!

Ch. 24 The Power Of Being Suggestible

Ch. 25 The Power Of Deeper Understanding Of Strawberries

Ch. 26 The Power Of Living With Nature

Ch. 27 The Power Of Pheromones…

Ch. 28 The Power Of Reflection

Ch. 29 The Power Of Scorekeeping To Distort What You See!

Ch. 30 The Power Over Money Issues!

Ch. 31 What To Do When They Don’t Answer A Phone Call!

Ch. 32 The Power Of Making Mistakes!

Ch. 33 The Power Of Meeting One Another As Equals

Ch. 34 The Power Of Your Environment

Ch. 35 How To Mesh Your Schedules

The Power Over Anxiety

(Anxiety can terrorize a person, ruin their relationships, get them fired.  Truly it can be “a freight train in the mind.”  But anxiety is determined by your thinking, actions and chemistry.  This books shows you how to tap into many successful strategies that thousands of people have used to control anxiety.  All strategies are based on what has been found to work in scientific studies.  Learn to control anxiety before it controls you!)


Preface A: The Top Three Points To Learn From This Book!

Preface B: The Top Four Choices To Overcome Anxiety!

Author’s Note: What is Different About This Book?

Ch. 1 Put Yourself  “FIRST” To Get Power Over Anxiety

Ch. 2 The Power Of Rational Thinking Is Enormous!

Ch. 3 New Thinking With The Two Column Method

Ch. 4 Use The Three Step Model For How Our Mind Works!

Ch. 5 Drive Your Brain Like you Drive A Car!

Ch. 6 Why Rushing Triggers Anxiety!

Ch. 7 Use Interpersonal Skills To Out Think Anxiety!

Ch. 8 The “CUPS” Model For Interpersonal Skills!

Ch. 9 Using The Power Of Choice TO Undo Anxiety

Ch. 10 Focus On “US” to Out Think Anxiety!

Ch. 11 Do Your Part TO Undo Anxiety!

Ch. 12 Anxiety Can Come From Entitlements!

Ch. 13 Get Rid OF Entitlements TO Undo Anxiety!

Ch. 14 Examples Of Removing Entitlements!

Ch. 15 Several Common Entitlements In Relationships!

Ch. 16 Worries About Money Coming From Entitlement Thinking!

Ch. 16A Common Entitlements Of A Father!

Ch. 17 Worries Coming From Lack Of A Stable Routine!

Ch. 18 The Need To Please The Boss Can Cause Anxiety!

Ch. 19 Question Who You Really Need To Please!

Ch. 20 you Can Choose Where Your Self Worth Comes From!

Ch. 21 Common Thinking Errors: Always And Never Thinking

Ch. 22 The Error Of Taking Feelings As Facts

Ch. 23 Turning Around Black And White Thinking About Money!

Ch. 24 The Error Of Blindly Believing Others!

Ch. 25 The Power Of A Medical Treatment Plan!

Ch. 26 How To Stop Obsessing!

Ch. 27 How To Stop Compulsive Behaviors!

Ch. 28 The Mental Trap Of “I Am My Feelings And Nothing More”

Ch. 29 Using Buddha, Jesus, Plato And Aristotle To Think Your Problems?

Ch. 30 Who First Said You Could Use Reason To Out Think Your Problems?

Ch. 31 Use Friendship Skills

Ch. 32 The GIGAWATT Of Friendship Skills!

Ch.33 Demanding People And Their Entitlements!

Ch. 34 Anxiety Is Like A Rocking Chair That Doesn’t Get You Anywhere!

Ch. 35 The Hurry Up Offense Against Anxiety! The MARK approach!

Ch. 36 The Medical Power OF Meditation

Ch. 37 The Acceptance, Reason, And Tolerance To Overcome Anxiety!

The Power Over Depression

(This book reviews dozens of inspiring stories about how people have taken charge of their depression. The power is there in new thinking, new actions, new relationship strategies, to change your life.)

 Ch. 1A An Approach Of Responsible Therapy

Ch. 2A Common Questions: What Is Depression?

Ch.3A Common Questions: What Treatments Work  Or Don’t

Ch.4A Common Questions: What Are The Common Antidepressants?

Ch. 5A Common Questions: What Does Work With Your Hands Do?

Ch. 6A Common Questions: When Should I Get Off My Antidepressant?

Ch. 7A Using Fish Oil To Prevent Depression

A Testimonial From A Manger

Testimonial On The Book

Testimonial: I Learned The Power Of A No Nonsense Approach!

Testimonial: The Power Of Knowing Thoughts Are Like A Machine!

Testimonials On Learning To Believe In Myself!

Testimonials: I Learned To Get Better And Stay Better

More Testimonials On The Book

Preface A: The Three Main Points To Learn From This Book!

Subtitle: Fast and Effective Ways To Beat The Blues

Ch. 1. What Is Depression All About?

Ch. 2 Is It Smart To Take Care Of Depression?

Ch. 3 What Really Works To Turn Depression Around?

Ch. 4 Coming Up With A Game Plan To Take charge Over Depression!

Ch. 5. Examples OF how People Have Taken Control Of Depression!

Ch. 6 Do Medication And Psychotherapy Really Work For Controlling Depression

Ch. 7 Taking Charge Over Depression!

Ch. 8 Why Medicine Can Give You A Breakthrough!

Ch.9 What Can Fight The Effect Of Medicine!

Ch. 10 Why Sun And Exercise Are Like Medicines!

Ch. 11 Use Sophisticated Thinking Strategies To Help Your Mood!

Ch. 12 Common Thinking Strategies To Help Your Mood!

Ch. 13 How You Are Using Personal Responsibility To Create More Freedom For Yourself!

Ch. 14 The Dirty Dozen Of Thinking Mistakes

Ch. 15 Fighting The Dirty Dozen OF Thinking Mistakes!

Ch. 16 Working Tools To Build A Good Life

Ch. 17 Fighting The Way Things Are… Doesn’t Work!

Ch. 18 Get The Power Of Radical Acceptance Now!

Ch. 19 The Power Of Radical Acceptance To Get More Joy With Our Animal Company

Ch. 20 The Power To Deal With Loss Of A Loved One…

Ch. 21 Pull Together New Strategies And Get Your Life Back!

Ch. 22 A Simple Way To Apply Your Wisdom Now!

Ch. 23 How Hard We Fight Doing Anything Different!

Ch. 24 Oh, How I Regret Changing My Thinking!

Ch. 25A Regret Induced Bias!

Ch. 26 The Delusion OF Emotion

Ch. 27 How To Use Nature To Get Over Work Stress!

Ch. 28 The Power To Keep Your Job With Superior Thinking Skills!

Ch. 29 The Power Of Getting Rid Of Entitlement Thinking!

Ch. 30 How Nature Is A Metaphor For Life!

Ch. 31 Examples Of Adults Who Take Control Of Depression!

Ch. 32 Examples Of What Turns Depression Around…

Ch. 33 Exercise Replacing An Antidepressant!

Ch. 34 Feel Good About Taking Responsibility For Yourself!

Ch. 35 Five OF 15 Second Solutions

Ch. 36 Is It Smart To Take Control Of Depression?

Ch. 37 Make Your Thinking Be On The MARK!

Ch. 38 The Power Of Brain Fitness!

Ch. 39 The Power Of Misconceptions

Ch. 40 The Power Of Our Evolution!

Ch. 41 The Power Of Taboo!

Ch. 42 The Power Of Talk In The Newspapers

Ch. 43 The Power Of Thinking With Categories!

Ch. 44 These Chapters Are Organized By The Medical Model!

Ch. 45 Use The PROPP Mnemonic

Ch. 46 Using Pessimism And Cynicism!

Ch. 47 Using The Power Of Social Networking

Ch. 48 What Is Different About This Book

Ch. 49 Reassessing 15 Second Solutions

Ch. 50 How Do I Get Off My Antidepressant? Or Should I?

Ch. 51 See How People Propp Up Their Stress!

Ch. 52 Seeing What Is Worth Taking Personally

Ch. 53 More Examples Of Not Taking Things Personally

Ch. 54 Simple Ways To Apply What You’ve Learned Here!

Ch. 55 Practice Not Caring

Ch. 56 Saving Money By Saving Your Mood

Ch. 57 Practical Power Of Your Rational Thinking Skills!

Ch. 58 Questions II: What Natural Remedies Work?

Ch. 59 Notes On Nutrition

Ch. 60 The Impact Of Work Disease!

The Power Over Bipolar Affective Disorder

(Here are dozens and dozens of stories of people taking charge of their life.  What works to control bipolar? It’s all in you!  New actions, new medication, new thinking all play powerful roles in turning bipolar around.  Smart people take charge of their life, and these stories illustrate this.)

Author’s Note: What Is Different About This Book?

A Testimonial: I Learned Good Thinking Is Like Good Medicine!

On The Book

Testimonial Of A Healthy Self Image

Testimonial: The Book Helped Our Relationship!

Testimonial: I learned Good Actions Are Like Good Medications!

Testimonial From A Pregnant Woman With Bipolar!

Testimonial From Angie

Testimonial From A College Student

Preface A: The Three Main Points To Learn!

Preface B: Three Things That Will Stop Forward Progress On Your Goals!

Introduction: Using New Science And New Thinking

Ch. 1 How To Take Charge Of A Bipolar Situation!

Ch. 2 How To Take Charge Of Bipolar Depression!

Ch. 3 How To Pull A Treatment Plan Together With A Doctor!

Ch. 4 New Science On Managing Bipolar!

Ch. 5 New Choices We Can Make With The New Science!

Ch. 6 New Power From Rational Thinking Skills!

Ch. 7 New Strategies For Rational Thinking To Calm Mania And Depression

Ch. 8 Quick Fixes That Can Calm Moods In Minutes!

Ch. 9 Quick Fixes To Fight Depression!

Ch. 10 Quick Fixes For Anger And Frustration!

Ch.11 When Thinking Stops Medication From Working!

Ch. 12 Quick Fixes To Let Go Of Workplace Drama!

Ch. 13 Pull Together A Powerful Game Plan!

Ch. 14 How To Attack The Hypocrisy In Those Who Stigmatize Bipolar

Ch. 15 Question Those Who Question Medication

Ch. 16 Use Integrity To Create Freedom From Bipolar

Ch. 17 Examples Of Personal Responsibility

Ch. 18 Examples Of How To Make A Game Plan Work In The Real World!

Ch.19 Where To Start With A Treatment Plan: Get The Medication Right!

Ch.20 The Power Of Stable Routines To Stabilize Mood

Ch.21 How TO Make A routine That Works For You!

Ch.22 Examples Of How People Make Their Routine Work!

Ch.23 Stable Relationships Help Stabilize Moods!

Ch.24 Use Behavior Skills Used By Horse Trainers!

Ch.25 The Power Of Choice In Relationship Skills

Ch.26 Transition Skills In Relationships

Ch.27 An Example Of How A Stable Relationships Stabilized Mood!

Ch.28 An Example How The Power Of Family Counseling To Stabilize Relationships, Mood

Ch.29 How Hormones Can Move Your Emotions Fast!

Ch.30 The Power Of Tiredness!

Ch.31Part 2 In The Power Of Saving Face

Ch.32 Pushing Back Against Actions That Worsen your Moods!

Ch. 33 The Power Of A Coordinated Plan

Ch.34 The Power Of Kindness

Ch.35 The Power Of Medicine And Psychotherapy To Restore The Brain

Ch. 36 The Real Power Of A Family Meeting With The Doctor

Ch.37 The Power Of The New Questioning Attitude

Ch.38 The Power To Fool Yourself?

The Power Over Social Anxiety

(Thoughts that you are not OK, not safe, make you anxious. Avoiding what you are afraid of makes you more anxious too.  Here are dozens of stories of people seizing control of their anxiety by turning their negative thoughts into positive ones.  Very encouraging!  Very empowering!)


Ch.1 How To Stop Social Anxiety

Ch.2 Overcome Social Anxiety With The Medical Role!

Ch.3 The Impact Of A Highly Sensitive Personality

Ch.4 The Mental Trap Of LabelingYourself And Why It’s Nasty!

Ch. 5 Using The Power Of Jokes!

Ch.6 Self Efficacy Out Thinks Social Anxiety!

Ch.7 Hypoglycemia Jacks Up Social Anxiety!

Ch.8 An Example Of The Power Of Action!

Ch.9 Confidence Comes From Knowing What To Do And How To Do It!

Ch.10 Defeat Caused By Bad Ideas, Let Those Ideas Die!

Ch.11 Finding Your Social Groups And Dialing In!

Ch.12 Men’s Issues And Jokes About Them!

Ch.13 The Magical Power Of A Good Party!

Ch.14 The Power Of Small Talk



The Power Over Panic

The Introduction


The Power Over Anger

(Anger can ruin your work, your family, your life.  Control anger before it controls you.  Here are many examples of new thinking that takes charge over anger.)


Ch.1 Defining Verbal Abuse

Ch.2 Generalizing About What Works In Anger Management!

Ch.3 Seeing The Symbolic Meaning Of Anger!

Ch.4 Tap Into The Awesome Power OF Your Thoughts!

Ch.5 The Power Of The Anger Center Of The Brain!


The Power Over Angry People

(You can control what you think, but you can’t control others, especially other angry people! But angry people can stir up anger in you.  Here are dozens of strategies that really work to “insulate” you from letting angry people mess with your mind.)


Preface A: Top Four Things That Give You Power Over Anger And Angry People

Preface; See What Causes Anger!

Introduction: See Why People Get Angry And Keep Your Self Control!

Ch.1 A New Approach To Controlling Anger In You!

Ch.2 Angry People Are Entitled, Aha!

Ch.3 How You Give Angry People Power Over You!

Ch.4 Overcoming The Angry Renter

Ch.5 The Power Of The Vampire Metaphor!

Ch.6 The Power Of Emotional Coercion, Or The Offer To Pay People To Be Nice To You!


The Power Over Post Traumatic Stress

(We live in a violent and chaotic world!  One in four children are traumatized in some way.  Many adults are as well.  Here are strategies that really work to lessen the impact of trauma, so it doesn’t rule your world.)


Ch.1 How People Work Through Darkness

Ch.2 How People Work Through The Fire And Devastation

Ch.3 Tsunami, Forest Fire, War, Plane Crashes…

Ch.4 Media And Its Manipulation Of The Truth..


The Power Over Obsessions and Compulsions

(Obsessions and compulsions can control your thinking and actions and ruin your life!  Here are many examples of people taking charge, getting their life back, after obsessions took it away. The power is in new thinking!  They win back their life by taking responsibility to use new thinking to build emotional self control.  Very encouraging stories!)


Ch.1 The Big Picture

Ch.2 How Do We Get Free From Them?

Ch.3 Use The Medical Model

Ch.4 Pulling A Game Plan Together

Ch.5 Use Social Things To Work For You

Ch.6 Social Interventions For You

Ch.7 A Case Of A New Medication Saving The Day

Ch.8 Analyzing Obsessions In The Media!

Ch.9 How A Housewife Kicked OCD Out Of Her House

Ch.10 How To PROP Up OCD!

Ch.11 Questioning Catastrophic Obsessions!

Ch.12 The Power Of Doubting

Ch.13 How One Woman Turned Around Her Perfectionism!

Ch.14 Have An Experience Changing Your Thoughts And Getting More Self Control…

Ch.15 How To Overcome Obsessions Against Change!


The Power Over Addictions

(Addictions kill people, ruin lives, cause so much chaos and suffering in people’s lives.  Here are many stories of hope, showing how people are taking charge of their addiction.  New thinking is so powerful!  New actions are also so empowering!  Learn these strategies to control your addiction today.)


Ch.1 Reviewing The most Powerful Tools

Ch.2 Using The Medical Model To Understand Addictions

Ch.3 Using The Medical Model To Fight Addictions

Ch.4 Biological Factors In Medical Model For Addictions


The Power For Weight Loss

(The key to winning at weight loss is winning at the mind game of controlling your weight.  Yoyo dieting is so common in America because people don’t know how to manage their thinking.  Urges to overeat come from an addiction to sugar and here are many stories of hope of how people take control of their addiction with new thinking and new actions using new models to take charge of this nasty addiction!)


Preface: Seeing What Works And What Is Powerful!

A Note To The Reader: Good Thoughts Are Like Good Medicines, So Use Them That Way

A Note To The Reader: Information Is Power Over Situational Stress

Ch.1 Power At Your Fingertips For Managing your Weight Successfully

Ch.2 Power OF The Four Spokes Of The CAT Pneumonic

Ch.3 The Power Of Your Intensity

Ch.3A An Example Of A Sugar Addict Gaining Weight!

Ch.4 The Powerhouse of Optimism, GIGAWATTS Of Power For You To Keep Your Weight Where You Want It And Have The Health You Want

Ch.5 How Many Calories Are You Carrying

Ch.6 How Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Fast Food Outfits Really Are Not On Your Side

Ch.7 The People Who Diet Without Counting Calories Are Dieting Blind

Ch.8 Why Diet Plans Fail

Ch.9 Power Of Refining Your Sharp Thinking Skills By Studying The Media And Seeing Pessimism And Optimism In Action

Ch.10 What Appetite Represents

Ch.11 The Power Of Touch

Ch.12 The Power Is In You All Along!

Ch.13 Enjoying In Doing Your Best

Ch.14 See Food Is Fashion

Ch. 15 GIGAWATTA Of Power For Thinking Yourself Thin

Ch. 16 More Power At Your Fingertips By Not Taking Things Personally

Ch.17 Self Serving Scams In The Media

Ch.18 Money Saving Offer

Ch.19 Tapping Into The Pyramid In Your Mind

Ch.20 Don’t Waste Your Effort!

Ch.21 The Idea Of Food Is Medicine

Ch.22 The Power Of Faith

Ch. 23 The Yummy Stuff That Makes Urges For Bad Stuff

Ch.24 Dietary ADD

Ch.25 Identifying When Appetite Becomes An Addiction!

Ch.26 The Power Of Balance

Ch.27 The GIGAWATT Of Interpersonal Skills!

Ch.28 The Power Of Cravings

Ch. 29 Some Useless Good Advice Others Hand Out!

Optimistic Jazz

(Jazz has a great ability to inspire the listener!  Here a jazz composer goes over the power of being optimistic in his music!  Billy Dennison Froehner played with the Tommy Dorsey band in the 1940’s and still plays his happy music today.  Very upbeat stories of hope and encouragement are here!)


Ch.1 Being Optimistic Got Me To Elk Mountain

Ch. 2 Optimists Believe In The Future!

Ch.3 Optimists Believe In Faith!

Ch.4 Positive Is The Name Of The Game!

Ch.5 Optimists Make Their Own Good Luck!

Ch.6 Optimists Believe Life Is For Learning!

Ch.7 We are Bigger Than Our Problems!

Ch.8 Billy’s Optimistic All Around The World!

Ch.9 Optimists Interrupted By Housekeeping!

Ch.10 Optimists Are Open To Laughs!

Ch.11 (Humorous Interlude) Even Optimists Need A Nap Sometime!

Ch.12 Work Through The Hard Times, I Did!

Ch.13 Believe In Working Together!

Ch.14 Work Brings Out Our Endless Possibilities!

Ch.15. Optimists Grow In The Hard Times!

Ch.16 Faith And Hard Work Change Things!

Ch.17 Good Times And Bad Cycle Like The Seasons!


The Power To Invent Yourself

 How Billy Dennison Froehner Created His Jazz Piano Career


(This hour long interview shows how jazz great Billy Dennison Froehner invented himself while inventing his own style of piano jazz!)


The Power For Success Over Success

(Success is an addiction in America, and many use it as an excuse to exploit others.  Many others get depressed chasing the elusive “American Dream.”  It is just materialism and greed.  Free yourself from the mental trap that you can only feel good about yourself if you have success! Do this by using these thinking strategies.  Learn how if you do your best, it’s always enough!)


The Preface: Powerful And Weak Ways To Think About Success!

The Introduction: I Hope You Find This Useful!

Ch.1 Tap Into The Power Of Choosing Your Mindset Or Attitude!

Ch.2 Tap Into The Power Of Our Social Mind!

Ch.3 Tap Into The Power Of Beliefs, Belongings, Attachments, Alliances and Desire, Resources and Respect!

Ch.4 You Are Here To Build Up Your Freedom

Ch.5 Tap Into The Power Of Shame, Pride, Inspiration, Turf

Ch.6 PRIDE Is A Good Thing!

Ch.7 Create Inspiration For Yourself!

Ch.8 Defend Your Turf And Be Tough!

Ch.9 Tap Into The Power Of Nurturing!

Ch.10 Use Other’s Need For Status For Your Success!

Ch.11 Control Angry People With Their Need For Status!


The Power Over Compulsive Shopping

(Some people only feel good if they are buying things.  Shopping can become a compulsion or an addiction!  Don’t let these feelings ruin your life and your finances!  Free yourself from these temptations by creating more emotional self control, using the strength of your common sense.  These chapters provide many examples of hope and inspiration, from people who controlled their compulsive shopping problems.)


Ch.1 The Power Of Shopping!

Ch.2 How Not To PROP Up Their Stress!

Ch.3 How Not To PROP Up My Stress!


The Power For Job Hunting

(Job hunting is tough!  To win at the challenges in job hunting, first win at the mindgame of job hunting.  Employ yourself and develop self motivation and optimism that will dramatically improve your chances for getting hired!  These chapters show you how to get organized, use time proven strategies.  Improve yourself step by step, while you improve your chances for getting that job.  Here are dozens of stories to empower you to be more and more effective hunting for that next job in these challenging times.)


 The Introduction: New Times Call For New Strategies!

Ch.1 New Skills To Get New Jobs In The New Economy!

Ch.2 Get A Game Plan To Get On A Roll And De- stress!

Ch.3 How To Take Things Professionally… Not Personally!

Ch.4 How To Improve Your Professional Attitude.. Distinguish Yourself

Ch.5 How To Use Optimism To Get Energized By The Tough Times!

Ch.6 How To Learn From Anything And Get Tougher!

Ch.7 How To Create Hope In The Future!

Ch.8 How OT Make Emotional Armor Plating For Yourself!

Ch.9 Balancing Time Management And Attitude!

Ch.10 How To Not Work Against Yourself!

Ch.11 The Two Things That Will Help You Drive Forward!

Ch.12 How To Jumpstart Action On Your Game Plan!

Ch.13 How To Stay On A Roll And Stay Inspired!

Ch.14 A Window Into The Mind Of An Employer!

Ch.15 Creating Your Own Style For Getting Things Done!

Ch.16. How To Make Job Hunting A rewarding Experience Every Day!

Ch.17 How To Make Sure You Are Moving Forward Every Day!

Ch.18 How To Build Yourself Up Every day!

Ch.19 This Is Your Business, So Be Neat And Hard Working!

Ch.20 Beef Up Your Presentation Skills The Easy Way!

Ch.21 Refine Your Time Management And Improve Yourself!

Ch.22 Make Sure You Improve Your Competitive Edge!

Ch.23 Strategies To Get Inside Information!

Ch.24 Why Should An Employer Hire Everyone Who Interviews!

Ch.25 How To Get Rid Of Selfish Thinking!

Ch.26 How To Get More Luck!

Ch.27 Use Social Networking To Get A Job Now!

Ch.28 How To Beat Apathy And Stay Energized!

Ch.29 How To Use Exercise To Charge Up Your Brain!

Ch.30 Use Nature To Inspire Your Job Hunting!

Ch.31 Tapping Into The Power Of Self Esteem!

Ch.32 The Power Of Optimism

Ch.33 Being Mistaken For Somebody Famous For Creating Jobs..

Ch.34 How To PROP Up Your Stress… Or Not!

Ch.35 The Power of “In It To Win It!”

Ch.36 The Power Of An Old Man To Get A New Job!

Ch.37 The Power Of Your Fall Back Position


The Power For Success In College

(Life is tough and so is college.  But some people thrive after learning how to get organized and overcome their anxiety.  Chapters here show how to overcome test taking anxiety and other anxieties that can make it hard to get good grades.)


Ch.1 How To Overcome Test Taking Anxiety!

Ch.2 The Power Of Test Taking Anxiety

Ch.3 More Power Over Test Taking Anxiety

Ch.4 More And More Power Over Test Anxiety

Ch.5 Put It In Your Own Words

Ch.6 Admit That You Do Not Know

Ch.7 More Power For Overcoming Test Taking Anxiety

Ch.8 More Power Over Test Taking Nerves!

Ch.9 Building Test Taking Confidence

Ch10 Power Over Jumpy Nerves At A Test!




The Power To Be A Professional

(Professional levels of time management and interpersonal skill are in demand but are also in short supply!  These chapters go over how to distinguish yourself learning and mastering these skills.)


Ch.1 What It Takes To be A Successful Professional!

Ch.2 Distinguish Yourself With An Optimistic Attitude

Ch.3 How To Deal With Big Conflicts On The Job!

Ch.4 Look For The BEST WIN

Ch.5 Paying Attention To The Shining Star Of Professionalism


The Power Of Motivation

(When you learn to motivate yourself, you become much more effective tackling any problem.  Relying on other people to motivate you makes you weaker when other people “drop the ball.”  These chapters show simple strategies that go beyond “the carrot and the stick” thinking that is outdated.  Learn to find things that in and of themselves motivate you.  Tap into your inner genius for finding how to motivate yourself and keep yourself motivated.)


Introduction: Learning From Experience!

Ch.1 The Powerful Tool For Motivating Yourself For Free!

Ch.2 The Greatest Motivating Techniques In The World: The Motivating Story!

Ch.3 The Motivating Power Of Mentors!


The Power For Time Management

(Time management is so critical to succeed at anything in life!  These simple strategies will help you master the art of managing that most precious and valuable thing you’ve been given:  Your Time.)


Preface A: The Four Main Points To Learn!

A Testimonial

Ch.1 Your Unique Demands On Your Time!

Ch.2 The Power Of To Do Lists!

Ch.3 Don’t Follow Rules Blindly!

Ch.4 A Menu Of Tools To Manage Your Time!

Ch.5 How To Use Your Daily Schedule To Save Time!

Ch.6 How To Write In Your Daily Schedule

Ch.7 Refining How You Use Your Daily Schedule

Ch.8 Working With Your Calendar

Ch.9 Use Life Goals To Stay True To Yourself!

Ch.10 Use Sophisticated Shopping Lists!

Ch.10A Feedback On How My Advice Didn’t Work For Some

Ch.11 Use New Teamwork Strategies! Get Promoted!

Ch.12 Go Green With Time Management!

Ch.13 Get Rid Of Stress From Fuzzy Goals!

Ch.14 Review Old To Do Lists To See What Actions Really Matter!

Ch.15 Reality Checking To Add Power To Do Lists!

Ch.16 Embrace Competition Like The Rabbit And The Coyote Do!

Ch.17 Get Rid Of Entitlements! Don’t Be A Prim donna!

Ch. 18. Use The Power Of The Medical Model!

Ch. 19 Use The Power Of Humor!

Ch. 20 A Strategy For Seeking A Promotion!

Ch. 21 An Undercover Strategy For Job Hunting!

Ch.22 Shopping For A Calendar

Ch.23 Power For 21st Century Families

Ch.24 The Real Deal!



(The world loves the internet and their internet phones and tablets and the like.  But the internet is full of fakes, frauds and phonies trying to get you to be a sucker!  Wise up with these thinking strategies and don’t get fooled by the next snake oil salesman in virtual space!)


Introduction: Our Brain Works Like The Internet!

Ch.1 How The Internet Messes With Our Mind!

Ch.2  Internet Information

Ch.3 Wisdom On The Internet

Ch.4 Your Power Comes From Connectivity



The Power For Dealing With End Of Life Issues

(Many of us find ourselves helping with someone who is dying.  How can you think about the needs of the dying and keep their sense of integrity?  How can you keep your own emotional control while those around you are losing theirs?  These and other issues are addressed so you can be a source of wisdom during a family’s difficult time working through helping someone who is slowly dying from an illness.  It is so important to protect the integrity of someone who is losing their ability to manage their own affairs.)


The Introduction

Ch.1 Where’s The God? What’s The Big Picture?


The Power Of Strategies For Living The Good Life  


(A good life doesn’t happen by accident!  It takes hard work and knowing what you want…and good strategies.  These chapters review strategies for making a life that is rewarding for you.)


Testimonials From A Single Man

Testimonials On The Book

Ch.1B The Importance Of Strategies

Ch.1C How To Beat Stress Every Day

Ch.2A New Ways To Manage Tasks

Ch.2B More On Managing Tasks

Ch.2C My Little Note Sheet

Ch.3 Attitude Is Everything



The Power Of Mindfulness

(Mindfulness is a wonderful attitude!  Automatically it gets rid of so many of life’s stresses at their source: being out of the present moment.  These chapter show you how to get in the present moment and stay there!)


Preface: How I Got Interested In Mindfulness

Forward: Things I Found Useful And Clever

Ch.1 A Wide Array Of Tools

Ch.2 More Tools And More Categories For More Power

Ch.3 Accepting When Parents Are Unhappy With You!

Ch.4 The Power Of Categories To Power Your Wisdom

Ch.5 Categories Of Useless Thinking!

Ch.6 Categories That Negate The Positive!

Ch.7 Complementing Your Competition In Your Mind!

Ch.8 More Ways To Use Categories For More Power

Ch.9 Power Over Work Conflicts

Ch.10 Quick Ways To Use Questions For More Sophistication

Ch.11 The Depths Of The Power Of The Wise Attitude

Ch.12 The More You Use It, The Better It Is!

Ch.13 The Power Of Attitudes Rational, Emotional, And Wise

Ch.14 The Power Of Wisdom

Ch.15 Wisdom To Help A Student With Bad Grades

Ch.16 The Power Of Categories


The Power Of Sitting Meditation

(Sitting meditation is great for creating a quiet and peaceful place within yourself!  You can do it with these simple exercises, in which I guide you through the steps of meditating.  These exercises teach you how to observe your mind and train it to be still.  Also you will learn cognitive behavior strategies to test for irrational thinking that can upset your inner peace.  Listen and learn!)


Ch.1 Breathe Meditation

Ch.2 Saying “Breathe” In Meditation

Ch.3 Feeling Close To Nature

Ch.4 The Beaver Pond Meditation

Ch.5 Take In The Peace Of Nature

Ch.6 Work With Acceptance

Ch.7 Accept Change

Ch.8 Work With The Way Things Are

Ch.9 Meditate With One Sense Of Your Choice

Ch.9A Meditate Without Using Words

Ch.10 Meditate With A Changing Season

Ch.11 Notice How We Fight The Way Things Are

Ch.12 Meditating With More Perception

Ch.13 Put Words To What You Have Learned

Ch.14 Meditate With Fourth Sense

Ch.15 Deeper Meditation Into Fourth Sense

Ch.16 Gaining Insight To Our Senses And Our  Selves

Ch.17 Reflecting On Greater Perception

Ch.18 The Peace Of Nature Is In Our Mind, Freely

Ch.19 The Heartbeat Meditation

Ch.20 Reflecting On Our Heartbeat

Ch.21 The Role Of Thoughts On Emotions

Ch.22 Our Emotions Are Enough

Ch.23 The Green Mediation

Ch.24 Meditating On Feeling The Goodness Of Freedom

Ch.25 Meditating On The Oneness Of Our Self

Ch.26 On The Warmth Of The Sun

Ch.27 On Our Unity With Nature By Our Breath

Ch.28 Introduction To Meditation

Ch.29 Learning To Meditate

Ch.30 Review Of Learning

Ch.31 Intro To Stream Sounds

Ch.32 Two Minute Stream Sounds

Ch.33 Five Minute Stream Sounds

Ch. 34 Serenity Creek Guided Meditation

Ch.35 Introduction To Using Creek Sounds

Ch.36 2 Minutes Of Creek Sounds

Ch.37 5 Minutes Of Creek Sounds

Ch.38 15 Minutes Of Creek Sounds


The Power Of Walking Meditation


(When you walk, just walk!  But then your mind will wander and there goes your inner peace!  In these exercises, step by step, I guide you to think more deeply and make walking meditation really calm your mind down.  I show you how to bring the peace of nature right you’re your mind and make it stronger and stronger with every walk you take!)



Forward: What Is Different About This Book?

A Testimonial From A Woman

A Testimonial: It Helped Me Gain Emotional Self Control

A Testimonial From Angie

A Testimonial: Walking Meditation Calms Pain And A Tissue Disease

Ch.1 Just Walk, That’s Enough

Ch. 1A Freedom

Ch.1B Review Of Exercises

Ch.1C Reviewing Freedom Exercises

Ch.2 Just Take In Your Senses

Ch.2A Review Of Exercises and CH.3 Perceptiveness

Ch.3A Deepen Perceptiveness

Ch.4 Working With Our Feet

Ch.5 When Is It Enough?

Ch.6 Notice And Accept

Ch.6A Review Of Accepting The Walk

Ch.7 Our Hands In Walking

Ch.7A How Were Your Hands Moving

Ch. 8 Working With Our Back

Ch.8A Review Of Exercises

Ch.9 Walking With Your Breath

Ch.9A Review Of Exercises

Ch.10A Working On The Breath

Ch.11Review Exercise With Humor

Ch.12A Overall Review

Ch.12B Review Of Exercises

Ch.13A Meditate With Hearing

Ch.13B Review Of Touch Exercises

Ch.14A Meditate With Touch

Ch.15A Meditate With Temperature Sense

Ch.15B Review Of Temperature Exercises

Ch.16A The Smelling Exercises

Ch.17A The Tasteful Meditation

Ch.17B Review Of Exercises

Ch.18A Deeper Thoughts on Our Breath

Ch.18B Review Of Exercises

Ch.19 More Freedom From Our Walk

Ch.19B Review Of Robert Frost Walk

Ch.20A Freedom And Impartial Thinking

Ch.20B Review Of Martin Luther King Walk

Ch. 21A More Freedom From Judgmental Thinking

Ch.21B Review Of The Rush Walk

Ch.21C Review Of Exercises

Ch.22A The Selfish Walk

Ch.22B Review Of Exercises

Ch.23A ABC’S Of Judgmental Thinking

Ch.23B Review Of Exercises

Ch.24  Judgmental Thinking DEF

Ch.25 The Frustration Walk

Ch.26 How To Walk Your Dog Mindfully


The Power Of A Mountain Spring

(Nature has so much power to bring us inner peace!  In these chapters I have produced, I mix the sounds of a mountain stream with other sounds.  Some people just like the stream sounds, others like it mixed with birds, or a campfire’s crackling and popping.  Have it your way, from one minute to one hour, these sound tracks are a great tool for meditating or just creating a soothing atmosphere.)


A Testimonial


Mountain Stream Soundscape Without Birds


The Power Of Mountain Stream Sounds With Birds 20 minutes


The Power Of Mountain Stream Sounds With Birds 40 Minutes

Mountain Stream Soundscape With Birds 5 Minutes


Mountain Stream Soundscape With Birds 60 Minutes


Mountain Stream Soundscape With Birds And Campfire 1 Minutes


Mountain Stream Soundscape With Birds And Campfire 2 Minutes


Mountain Stream Soundscape With Birds And Campfire 15 Minutes

The Power Of Mountain Stream Sounds With Birds For One Hour


The Power For Successful Parenting


(Parenting in the 21st century is full of so many joys and new challenges.  How should you deal with peer pressure?  The internet? These and other issues are addressed to empower parents to be more effective managing their children. Dozens of inspiring stories are here!)

Ch.1 Parenting And Personal Responsibility

Ch.2 Teach Your Children Freedom!

Ch.3 Get The Power Of Sticker Rewards Now!

Ch.4 Get The Power OF Defining Your Role And Avoiding Power Struggles!

Ch.5 The Power Of Being A Teacher!

Ch.6 Get The Power Of Acceptance! Avoid The Power Of Judgmental Thinking

Ch.7 The Power Of Talking About Values Now!

Ch.8 Applying The Wisdom Of Teddy Roosevelt

Ch.9 Reviewing Choices We Make

Ch.10 Teach The Power Of Good Manners!

Ch.11 Teaching Children Assertiveness

Ch.12 The Power Of Optimism With A Dose Of Pessimism

Ch.13 How To Get Your Children To Worship You!

Ch.14 The Power Of Going With The Flow

Ch.15 The Power Of Family Stories… With A Lesson!

Ch.16 A Story About The Optimist And The Pessimist Meet A Bear!

Ch.17 A Story About Building Up Your Self Image!

Ch.18 A Story About Signs And Bears!

Ch.19 A Story About Respecting Police In Canada!

Ch.20 A Story About Why It’s Better To Stay Away From People Who Are Grumpy!

Ch.21 A Story About The Rabbit And It’s Sweet Tooth! It’s Important To Save For Hard Times

Ch.22 A Story About The Rabbit And The Coyote… A Lesson About Competition

Ch.23 A Story About The Woodpecker And The Bluebird.. A Lesson About Anger!

Ch.24 A Story About A Fat Rabbit

Ch.25 A Story About A Jealous Bluebird

Ch.26 A Story About The Cat Who Was A Protector

Ch.27 Keeping Your Home Safe… Emotionally

Ch.28 Making That Family Meeting A Wonderful Reality

Ch.29 The Power Of The Family Meeting

Ch.30 Developing Your Family’s History Now!

Ch.31 The Power Of Keeping Things Fun!

Ch.32 The More You Plan, The Less You’ll Complain.

Ch.33 The Power Of Our Animal Companions

Ch.34 The Power Of The Sculpture Of David Michelangelo

Ch.35 The Sticker Reward System!

Ch.36 Teaching Responsibility With Stickers!


A Halloween For Chickens

(An entertaining children’s story about Halloween that teaches how to develop more self control in even the scarey times of Halloween in a chicken coop!)


Ch.1 A New Chicken Comes To The Coop!

Ch.1A The Chickens FREAK OUT!

Ch.2 MORE Terror In The COOP!

Ch.2A One Chicken Ran Away From Common Sense!

Ch.2B The Creepy Coop!

Ch.3 The Creep Chow Chapter!

Ch.3A Things Went Bat At Halloween Hallow!

Ch.4 Run! A Cat! It Wants To Eat Us!

Ch.4A The Scariest Night For The Chickens!

Ch5 Walking Into The Haunted Chicken Coop!

Ch.6 The Scary Children..

Ch.7 The Freaky Scary Children!

Ch.8 The Wise Owl Keeps His Cool..

Ch.9 Walking Into The Haunted Coop!


The Legend Of Dirtshooter

(An entertaining story of the greatest cowboy who ever lived.  Dirtshooter got special powers from a lightning strike that lead him to have special powers to fight bad guys in the American West.  Stories teach ways to out think stress that comes from dealing with mean people.)


 Preface: How Dirtshooter Got His Name

Forward: Hunting The Wide Open Lonesome Prairie For Antelope

The Premise:

Ch.1 How Dirtshooter Got To Be The Greatest Cowboy In History!

Ch. 2 The Day Lightning Struck For Evil

Ch.3 Heroes Come In Strange Packages

Ch.4 A Rather Short Chapter That Is Completely Unnecessary

Ch.5 A Children’s Story About Bluebird


The Power Of Our Animal Companions!

(Animals comfort and empower us in hundreds of ways!  These chapters are full of stories of how animals comfort us in the worst of times, and make the best of times even better.  Dogs and cats are more than family members, they are sources of inspiration, warmth…as our companions. The story of one dog, Elsker, is told.  She came with Dr. Jensen to his office for 13 years and comforted thousands of patients with her ability to read people’s body language and comfort them with the look in her eye, laying at their feet, even kissing tears off their face…)


Dedication; To My Friend, Elsker

Ch.1 They Love Being With Us!

Ch.2 The Power Of Animal Friendship Is Different Than The Human Kind

Ch.3 A Dog’s Power Over My Depression!

Ch.4 Getting A Little Gray In The Face

Ch.5 A Dog Is Chemotherapy!

Ch.6 Awkward Moments

Ch.7 Are Dogs Really Just People Owners?

Ch.8 How A Dog Named Friend Showed Me Joy

Ch.9 How A Dog Brings Out The Boy In A Man!

Ch.10 The Power Of A Good Dog Friend!

Ch. 11. Wild Elk Helps Heal My Sick Dog!

Ch.12 How My Puppy Taught Me Patience!


The Power Of Going Green Requires Lots Of Work!


The Power Of Tuscany

(Michaelangelo and Leonardo daVinci are just two examples of the genius that comes out of northern Italy, in an area called Tuscany.  These chapters go over the wonders of the diet and lifestyle of Northern Italy that Dr. Jensen discovered on a trip there in 2012.  The Tuscan diet and lifestyle are dedicated to being one with nature, and studies have shown this Mediterranean diet is miraculous.  It lowers people’s risk for cancer, heart disease, depression, and sustains our memory!  Here is a diet and lifestyle that are truly amazing and worth learning about.)


Ch.1 Reflecting On Us Living With Nature

Ch.2 Getting In Touch With Spaghetti


The Power Of Green Guilt!

(We live in a throw away society that is discovering the way to repent of our sins and be kinder to nature.  But many people lapse into guilt trips in their attempt to sell recycling and other ways of going green!  The book shows some of the mental traps and fakes and phonies in the going green movement.  We need to treat our earth more ethically without being suckers for slick marketing or mental traps!)


Ch.1. What Is Green Guilt?


The Power Of Great Adventures


(A good friend is one of the greatest treasures in a person’s life, the philosopher Epicurus said, reflecting on the good life.  In these stories, Dr. Jensen shares heartwarming stories of how John Curtis, his camp director, “adopted” him as a teenager and showed him how to live a life full of passion and outdoor adventures!)


 Ch.1 A Common Man Of Uncommon Actions

Ch.1A How We Got Started

Ch.2 Recalling The Adventures With the Good Professor

Ch.3-5 Freedom Was What It Was All About

Ch.6A Keeping That Cheery Optimistic Attitude Intact

Ch.6B Laughing At Our Problems

Ch.6C Get Back To Cops And Robbers

Ch.7 How Friends Met

Ch.8 How We Dreamed Adventures

Ch.9A Reflecting On John

Ch.9B Making Excuses

Ch.10 Uncommon Things

Ch.10A Visiting The Great Pearls Of The American West

Ch.10B Exploring The Grand Tetons

Ch.11 A Fracas At The Border

Ch.12 Rowdy Times At The Border

Ch.13 Law And Order At The Border

Ch.14 Men Rooting For Boys

15A Great Books About Great Men

15B Great Friends Look Out For Your Backsides

16A Some Lessons I Learned From John

Ch.16B More Lessons From The Good Professor

Ch.16C Lessons On The Good Life

Ch.16D More And More Lessons

Ch.17 More Lessons On The Good Life

Ch.18 It Was The Experience That Mattered

Ch.19 A Call From A Great Friend

Ch.20 A Chapter With The Dogs!

Ch.21 I Can’t See To The North


The Greatest Elk Hunt


(A fun hunting story about how good friends lead to great adventures in elk hunting.)


Ch.2 Sneaking Along A High Ridge

Ch.3 The Final Stand

Ch.4 The Man Cave On The Mountain

Ch.5 Driving Home With Deep Realizations About Hunting!

Ch.6 Hunting Buddies Are An Earthy Bunch


The Power For Bow Hunting For Elk

(Stories about how bow hunting elk brings out the best in a man.  The raw, rugged adventures challenge men and women to become physically stronger, more flexible, better organized…to be one with the mountain, one with the elk.)


Ch.1 Blood, Sweat and Tears

Ch.2 The Power Of Hunting To Heal The Soul!

Ch.3 It’s A Thing Of Spirit!


The Power Of Elk Hunting Secrets

(Elk hunting allows a person to be one with the elk, one with the mountains in which they live.  These stories give you the tips on how to hunt this most tenacious of all the animals to hunt in North America!)


Ch. 1  I Am One With The Elk

Ch.2 Be Good To People Good To You

Ch.3 Top Tricks From Hungone

Ch.4 How Dirtshooter Arrow Killed His First Bull

Ch.5 Dirtshooter Sneaks On A Bull

Ch.6 How We Got Our Nicknames

Ch.7 Timing Is Everything

Ch. 8 The Power Of Anticipating Opening Day!

Ch.9 How To Think About Gear

Ch.10 Scouting Ahead Of The Hunt

Ch.11 Refining Your Art Of The Hunt

Ch.12 Talking To The Animals

Ch.13 Simplify Your Simple Routines

Ch.14 Acceptance And Awareness

Ch.15 A Chapter By A Stream

Ch.16 Still Hunting

Ch. 17 Screaming At A Bull

Ch.18 Easy Versus Tough

Ch.19 Scopes

Ch.20 Good Hunters Are Made, Not Born

Ch.21 Mindfulness And The Art Of Archery

Ch. 22 Using Snow To Your Advantage

Ch. 23 I Hunt In My Church Of The High Mountain

Ch.24 Save Elk From The Millionaires And Billionaires

Ch.25 An Inventory Of The Pack

Ch.26 A Window Into The Soul Of An Elk Hunter

Ch.27 Deeper Into The Pack

Ch.28 Reflecting On The Glory Of God And The Hunting Pack

Ch.29 On Roosevelt And The Pack

Ch.30 More Notes On The Pack

Ch.31 Making Jerky

Ch.32 Making Elk Jerky

Ch.33 Cooking Elk The Tuscany Way

POSTLUDE: What Are You, An Elk Hunter?


Mountain Boy

(Jim Smith was raised in a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains in the 1970’s.  His Dad left him alone for days at a time during grade school years, and Jim taught himself to hunt and fish and live off the land.  A modern day Tom Sawyer story!)


Preface: Mountain Boy

Ch.1A Indian Roots

Ch.1B Dad Was A Self Taught Hunter

Ch.2A Learning More About Living Off The Land

Ch.2B Think Like A Deer

!Ch.3A A Mountain Grandpa

Ch.3B Fire In The Mountains


The Power Book Series

(The Power Books are dozens of books that show you easy ways to overcome many issues.  Dr. Jensen gives literally hundreds of inspiring stories of how every day people learned how to overcome anxiety, depression, anger, insecurity, low self esteem, stress and many other issues.  Free yourself today from stress and check out the Power Book Series!)


A Testimonial On How The Lessons Are Easy To Learn!

Preface 1: What The Power Books Are All About

Preface 2: What Is Different About These Books!

Preface 3: To All Power Books

Preface 4: Ten Reasons To Check Out Dr. Jensen’s Power Books

Forward: What Secrets Are In These Books!

Forward: About The Golden Ring

Introduction: To All The Power Books

Rights And Permissions



Author’s Resume

A Note On Subtitles

Ch.1 A Mountain Inspired Me

Ch.2 How I Arranged The Layout!

Ch.3 Inspiring Forces

Ch.4 On The Information Array In The Internet!

Ch.5 Time For A Courageous Conversation!

Ch.6 A Secret About The Clock Model

Ch.7 Notes On The Architecture Of Inner Peace

Ch.8 Pull Yourself Up By The Cloud

Ch.9 A Note On My Style

Ch.10 Who Is Dr. Jensen, The Doctor Of Optimism, A Strength Coach!

Ch.11 Welcome To The Cloud

Ch.12 Guiding Philosophy

Ch.13 Overview: Chapters Are Designed For Easy Access To Wisdom You Can Use!

Ch.14 What You Can Get From It

Ch.15 The Assault On Freedom And Emotional Self Control

Ch. 17 The Secret Strategies Hidden In The Series!

Ch.18 Overview: How The Power Books Got Started!