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Use Natural Jerky For Your Health And Happiness!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 20 November 2013

I'll Be Giving Away Elk Jerky To Help People Eat Healthy!

Health Benefits Are Those As Part Of A Mediterranean Diet...

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Jourhnal

If exercise helps you be YOU, live the life you imagined (to quote Thoreau), now you are talking about that something that will energize you and give you more self control. Something that is motivating in and of itself.  You don't need rewards or punishment to get your brain to do it.  We can get that "internal motivation" from something when we feel it is a vital part of our life and a basic way we can make the future happen the way we want to.

For me, hunting is a long family tradition and it is a motivation for me to exercise and eat healthy.  This year I want to share in this tradition by sharing elk jerky to help encourage people to love living a natural life.  Elk meat is LOADED with nutrition, see this link for more on the proteins, amino acids, other nutrients in elk meat: This fits in with my earlier articles and videos on traditional living and cooking in Tuscany, Italy, where hunting and eating wild game and home grown plants is something they've done for thousands of years.  For health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, search that term on Google Scholar, or go to this article in the New England Journal Of Medicine: Also, see this review of similar studies all over the world on the Mediterranean Diet:

This October, I was sitting on a windswept mountain side, a harsh 20 MPH wind hitting me from the north west.  I was shivering, hungry, waiting for a bull elk to show himself.  I'd spent 5 days doing this, hiking in the night, up steep slopes, across rivers, all in the name of getting a bull elk.

This was my motivation this past year for eating healthy, jogging, biking, saying no to too much bad food, taking a little more time to cook healthy. This was the motive in my motivation.

Then the bull showed himself, I shot, and soon I was standing beside a 500 lb bull elk, it's handsome yet small five point rack an object to be admired.  I hunt as part of my family tradition, and it is a way to eat healthy, elk meat is lean and bursting with good nutrition.  It's natures energy bar!

This is how I stay motivated with activities that have intrinsic motivation: they are motivating in and of themselves, they help us live the life we imagine.  They help us not only help ourselves but help others and make the world a better place.  This week I'll pick up my elk meat my family will eat for the coming year, and in that will be dozens of pounds of jerky I'll be giving my patients.   Healthy jerky!  Full of omega three fatty acids and amino acids, with only a minimum of preservatives.

I have worked out a way to have jerky made this way with a custom meat processor in Fort Collins, Stan Cook.  Here is his website's link.  If you want healthy natural meat products, including jerky, you can call him and arrange for him to make the meat products that fit the healthy lifestyle you want. Here's his link:

Why do I say have Stan make your jerky?  Read food labels! The labels on all, I mean all, the jerky I can find in stores is full of all kinds of food preservatives, even (disgusting!!!!) high fructose corn syrup.  Talk about some sick commercial outfit adding things to food to help their bottom line.

So, if you want healthy food and you can't find it in a store...don't give up!  Get custom meat processing!  Buy from a farmer's market!  Or, go hunting and fishing!  It's something people have been doing for a long, long time.  It is our tradition, part of living a life in balance with nature.


The following nutritional information regards elk as part of a traditional native american diet.

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