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The Power Of Healthy Living

By harrisjensen - Posted on 07 July 2012

Eat Healthy Or It's Hard To Be Healthy

"Slow Food" Helps Us And The World To Be Healthier And Happier

by Harris Jensen, MD

I am sitting in my kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes and a to do list about a yard long.  And my laptop computer in my lap.  But I am not rushing into things.  I have joined the Slow Food movement.  Healthy living begins with healthy eating and healthy eating means slowwwwwwwing down in your life.  Let go of the work hard, play hard mentality. Slow down and work with the way things are, the way things are in nature and in the world and what is good for us and the world to live well.

Here is the link to the Slow Food movement web site.

I barbecued elk two nights ago.  Marinated it in garlic and rosemary and other Italian seasonings, with olive oil, and then barbecued it on the grill.  Delicious!  But it took time! You have to slow down to cook in a healthy fashion.  It takes longer to find the food at the grocery store (or on the mountain if you are getting wild game), prepare it and cook it.  That's OK.  Cooking your own food instead of fast food pushes you to do more things that are healthy for you and your neighborhood.

When you slow down, you are driving less, buying less packaged food, buying less food trucked in from far away, and many, many other things that waste precious resources in our world.  Be good to yourself.  Be good to nature.  Be good to your culture and your world.  Eat and live the way of Slow Food!