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"The Power To Work Through The Trauma"

By harrisjensen - Posted on 29 June 2012

New Book By Dr. Harris Jensen Is In The Works!

The Website INCIWEB gives information, maps on High Park Fire,

Helps Victims Deal With Trauma Of Losing Their Home To The Inferno

by Harris Jensen, MD

Four of my patients have had their homes burned up by the High Park Fire.  Inciweb is a great web site set up by the US governement, to help victims and relief workers understand the catastrophe they are fighting by giving them up to the minute information.  Reports, maps and the like help them deal with the trauma by giving them the big picture of the trauma.

Go to INCIWEB at this link:


I am putting some of their stories together in a new ebook entitled "The Power To Work Through The Trauma," which I intend to publish through Smashwords.