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Harrassed In Colorado? Know The Law!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 19 May 2012

Harrassment Defined By State Of Colorado!

Have You Been Harrassed?  Know The Law And Ask To Have Your Rights Respected?

Knowledge Is Power!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Have you been harrassed?  Many students have.  Foolishly, they ask school officials to take action on a legal offense.  Legal matters should be addressed by those empowered to do so, the police.

Knowledge is power.  If you can quote the law and name the offense to a policeman, you now have a superior position.  That of knowledge.  Knowledge is power.

Has someone used an obscentiy to you?  Complaint about that and it comes across merely as "he said, she said."

But using an obscenity, even over the phone, by itself is harrassment.  Look at the following link and know the law.  The laws in the state of Colorado were enacted by well meaning people, like you and me, meaning to protect you from bad behavior.  So know the law and use the law.  How?  Have you been harrassed?

Has someone yelled at you, trying to coerce you into doing something?  Have you been bullied?  Read the law and know the law. If you have been harrassed, call the police.  That is what they are there for, to protect you, so use them.  But do so wisely.  Call the police if you have been harrassed, describe the behavior in the terms that fit the description of harrassment, if in fact you have been harrassed.

Use this link and others to know the laws of the state of Colorado, and know, of course, that I am not giving you legal advice.  I am just advising you, that if someone has been mean to you, called you names, used obscenities, then read the law and use the law to defend your rights.  You didn't surrender your rights because you are young or anything else.  Speak up!  I know police officers!  They love to help people in need!  They love to use the laws of the state!  So describe what has been done to you, quote what you know the law to be, and let the police do their job.  They are doing the honorable thing and so are you! 

Here is one of many links that can inform you about the laws of the state of Colorado.  Please consult an attorney if you think you have legal concerns.  Of course I am not giving you legal advice.  Here is the link for some of the laws of the state of Colorado!