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Are You Ill And Can't Keep Your Pet?

By harrisjensen - Posted on 27 March 2012

Use Pets Forever At Colorado State University!

They help people who are ill or elderly care for their dogs and cats in Colorado

What A Great Outreach!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

If you are very elderly or very ill, your pet dog or cat may be your lifeline.  Without your pet, life may just not be worth living, or it may be too much of a struggle to keep living in your home.

Without your pet, you may be headed for a nursing home and the loss of your possessions, your freedom, your integrity, your way of life.

I have literally talked to people who knew of others who died once their pet died.  And I've talked with many people through the years who would have committed suicide at some time in the past, but they couldn't do that to their pet dog or cat.

Now what if you are hanging on by a thread and you can't care for your pet?  It is a tragedy.

Then in comes Pets Forever!  They will come into your house, scoop the cat poop, feed the pets, care for them, even give medication to the pets if they need it.  So the pet can stay in the home, and the ill or elderly person can stay in their home too.

These people are angels!

God bless the people at Pets is their link:

And so I don't come across too "soft" there is some hard science to the health values of pets, and that is reviewed in this article from the National Institutes of Health: