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Price Gouging Hurting Patients!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 21 March 2012

Cost Of Medication For Attention Deficit Disorder Has Tripled!  Some Patients Are Paying $400 Per Month For Their Adderall!

Patients Suffer From Government And Drug Company Conflicts...And Drug Companies Make Millions!

 by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Who cares about the man in the street now days?  If someone has attention deficit disorder today, life has gotten very difficult financially.  Costs of medication have doubled or tripled, and if you don't have insurance the adderall or dexedrine or ritalin that used to cost $50 to $100 per month has doubled or tripled.

One patient today called to say his adderall went up to $400 per month, and he went off it, but his work performance has slid, he's forgetful and struggling to stay on time at work, his performance numbers are down...and he knows that may lead to him getting fired.

If you are an adult with attention deficit disorder, you know you could be homeless without your medication.  Without your medication, if your work performance slides, you could lose your job, and with that your insurance, your house.

According to this ABC news story, the shortage of stimulant medication in this country is caused by greed and conflict.  Patients are suffering. Nothing is really being done as some people are forced to go off their medication and possibly face the prospect of poverty which comes from losing their jobs.

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Government isn't helping the common man and woman.  Greedy corporations are price gouging.  Costs of stimulant medications are skyrocketing and corporations point their fingers at government, while government points their fingers at corporations.

Government says based on production figures, there is no shortage of medication for ADD.  Teva, a generic manufacturer says it's production is going as fast as it can but it can't keep up with demand. 

The consumer is being ripped off.