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Latuda Can Help Psychosis When Nothing Else Works!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 15 March 2012

New Antipsychotic Medication Helps Those Suffering From Psychosis!

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Harris Jensen Reviews New Medicine!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It is terrifying when there are voices in your head, and even more terrifying when they won't go away with medication.

The next option for some is electroshock therapy, but many people don't want to get seizures with the potential risk of memory loss.

Now there is a new option: Latuda.

It just came out in the past year and it is doing wonders for some people.

Two of my patients have seen their voices dramatically improve!  One man had tried the following medications: haldol and trilafon (older antipsychotics, left him feeling emotionally dull and voices unchanged), klonopin (felt tired), zyprexa (no help, gained weight), seroquel (helped sleep is the only benefit) and the new antipsychotics fanapt and saphris (no benefit).

On latuda in one week the voices were 50 percent better at 40 mg per day, the usual starting dose.  The voices are now 80-90 percent better on 80 mg per day for one week.  After trying many medications for several years, this is a modern life giving medical miracle. 

My thanks goes out to the Sunovion Corporation for developing such a great medication.  And no mental or emotional dulling, no weight gain, no sexual side effects.  This man is truely getting his life back.

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