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Loveland Area Psychiatrist Talks About Treating Depression

By harrisjensen - Posted on 02 February 2012

Positive Thinking Boosts The Impact Of Medication

For Treating Depression

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by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I see people from a wide area in Colorado and Wyoming, and find medication often needs a little help from positive thinking.

Then medication often doesn't stop working!  Many people complain their medications for depression "wear off," but I then ask, "When did that happen?" and "What was happening in your life then?" 

Was it a stressful time?

And then, I explore a person's mental resilience, their optimism.  "How did you react to that tough time?"

Did they take things personally?  Catastrophize?

Negative or pessimistic thinking can help stop a medication from working, and at this link

you can look up attachments and chart three will be a list of negative thinking or thinking errors you can name and then those negative thoughts are easier to get out of your head...and then medication can have a better chance of keeping in effect!