You are hereFort Collins Psychiatrist Offers Money Saving Tips On Medication!

Fort Collins Psychiatrist Offers Money Saving Tips On Medication!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 02 February 2012

Script Save At King Soopers Helps People Save Money!

Simple Savings Card Is Another Great Option!

Cut Your Prescription Costs by 25 to 50%!

by Harris Jensen, MD

"I'm short on cash this month, is there any way I can cut my costs on medication?"

I hear questions like that most every day.  The economy is pinching everyone's pocketbook.

Here are some great money saving tips I've learned from pharmacists and patients and the internet:


A great online pharmacy for medications that are generic in America.  Some prefer to check out Canadian pharmacies, but I prefer the American online alternative.  Go to and price shop...write the cost of 1 and 3 month supplies, not the milligram and number of pills needed on the prescription, and bring that information to your doctor!

2. Simple Savings Card

Google "simple savings card" and download the card, then call around to your local pharmacies, and see how much of a discount they will give you on genergic medications.  Some pharmacies will give a bigger discount than others.