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Market Yourself With Free Or Low Cost Web Sites!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 03 June 2011

Google and Intuit Take Top Honors

Portfoliositez Is A Winner Too!

Web sites are great for marketing your business too!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal.Com

Job hunting is brutal now days.  Nothing beats a good marketing approach, showing the world what you are good at.  And there's nothing like having a web site with all the bells and whistles to market yourself.  People starting their own business

A good approach is to have a web site that has:

your resume, letters of recommendation, work history, lists of accomplishments, list of talks, how to get ahold of you via phone and email.

For those marketing your own start up business:

list what you do and why you do it.  What sets you apart.  Google similar businesses and see what your competition is saying, then you say your stuff one step better.

There are now many ways to get a web site going with web site hosting services that charge very little or nothing at all.  Shop among them all is my recommendation.  Each web hosting service has its limitations.  Read up on each.

For example, Blue host is my hosting service, but their do it yourself web creation machine is very complicated.

See this link on Bluehost:

Intuit is a great service, easy to make web sites, lots of templates to choose from, not bad for $5 per month.

See this link on Intuit:

Google's web sites are free, and hey...a bonus...easily shows up on Google search engines!  But they are simple, and yet not too flexible, you can post word documents and add widgets but hard to get a professional look to the whole thing.

See my blogspot site:

See blogspot at:

You want a flat web site.  If someone goes there, they can see everything they need to right there on page one, no need to click, or just click once.  You want the wow factor.  Blow away the competition, impress your customers, impress your potential boss...with content and style.

Afterall, this is a web address you will put on your business card, stationary, email...etc.

A site for social networking (help with social smoozing and such) or one for showing off your photography is at portfoliositez, but they need to work on their spelling, yet the site is very sexy at: has very sexy flash sites, very sexy and free, and they are very interactive sites, but may be a little complicated, I haven't tested them out but they seem worth it, at:

Here's a review of web hosters at: