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Meditate To Feel Close To Nature

By harrisjensen - Posted on 01 November 2010

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by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It was a warm Fall Day this past weekend, so I decided to start recording what my patients have been asking for, for a number of years.  A simple CD that shows them how to meditate for stress managment.  To listen to the file, click this link, then click the words in blue and the file, an mp3, will download, for your listening pleasure!

And what better place to record that, than in the beautiful Rocky Mountains?  I was high up in the Snowy Range, west of Laramie, and next to a babbling creek and a still beaver pond.  I love those mountains!  Soon they'll be 5 or 10 feet deep in snow, but now, they are peace materialized. 

The leaves have all but fallen off the aspens, but the ground is littered with those colorful remnants of summer.  They were quiet underfoot.  The elk have quit bugling, but on the mountain I found tracks of many of the residents there, who were out for a stroll after a snow the day before: I saw tracks of mice, squirrels, pine martens, and was I amazed.  The snow had even more tracks!  There were smaller cat tracks of bobcat, and big ones of one mountain lion (a rare sight).  Farther along the trail were the deep dark pad prints of a black bear (I wish they were more rare), and the tracks of deer and elk were commonplace.

Down in the valley, it was warmer.  In the afternoon the sun came out, it warmed up to 50 degrees, and it seemed like a great time to record.  I felt close to this mountain.  I'll share this CD with those who ask for it, and soon it will be on iTunes.




Mindfulness Sitting Meditation, Ch. 23 The Green Meditation.mp33.68 MB