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Journal Gets 9,011 Hits In 2009!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 03 December 2009

Hit counts jump to 9,011 in 2009 after addition of new charts, music, books and audio books!

Light therapy and quitting smoking articles by Northern Colorado Psychiatrist gain top hit counts!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The Good Day Journal just started out as a whimsical idea.  Let's put out some articles about what people are doing to make a better life for themselves.  In our first year, we got 5,000 hits.  Not bad!

But this year the hit count almost doubled!  The addition of the web page free stuff is credited for doubling the traffic to the web site.  Find it at

Free Stuff is a page of free downloads.  Just click the item and download it!  Items include the four step stress managment model that you see to the left:)

Visitors from all over the country, and from other countries around the world, have visited pages and downloaded books and music.  So this whimsical idea is really paying off.

Feedback on this "positive" web site has mostly been positive.

"I love Billy Dennison Froehner's music," one woman wrote, "it helps me get to sleep, it's so relaxing."

"His music calms my panicky feelings," another wrote.

"I like the nature sounds," still another commented.

The Stress Managment Book has received loads of favorable feedback.  Mood charts also available for free have helped people chart their mood and anxiety and the control they are getting with it.  Nature jazz movies that play on computer and ipods have gotten their share of hits too.

A popular download is the four step model for stress managment.  That image is included above.  People have downloaded that and put it on their refrigerator or elsewhere, to validate they have the thinking skills to work through whatever situation they are up against, as described in more detail in The Stress Managment Book.

Thanks to all you web visitors for making 2009 a banner year for all of us here at Good Day Journal!