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Free Stuff offers stress managment resources--here's the menu!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 30 September 2009

Free Stuff Page takes off as a super practical idea... helps our ANNUAL HIT COUNT JUMP UP TO 9,011!

Free Jazz Music!  Free Nature Movies! Free Books!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

All in one place, you can download music, audio books, audio files, charts, articles, ebooks, and movies:75 items I've authored and I'm giving them away to help you have a better day.

Find them at

I've been giving these away for 6 years now, and the seven empty CD spindles in my office show I've given away 700 CD's with these items on them.  All have been found to help folks unwind, destress, and enjoy the beauties of nature.

The big new edition is the gift of 16 songs from professional jazz pianist Billy Dennison Froehner.

Here's an overview of what you can download with a click:

1. Music

There is hours of music from Billy Dennison Froehner and soon others. 


These are high quality recordings of solo piano jazz on album one, the songs are mixed with environmental sounds on album 2 and album 3, and then album 4 is half an hour of sooting river sounds with the songs coming and leaving -- a solid half an hour unbroken with soothing sounds.  Album 5 does the same for the last half of Billy's album.  Album 6  and 7 are interviews with this jazz legend, who continues to perform in New York and the east coast, as well as in Colorado.

2. Movies

Six movies are there so far.  The first four are 2-5 minute movies with nature images and jazz music from Mark Sloniker (see for more of his music).  The fifth and sixth are part of a movie series, called The Green Concert, celebrating the inspiration that comes from the wonderful living things on our wonderful "green" planet.  These longer movies, of 20-30 minutes, feature wildlife and wildflower images in a movie format with Billy's music and river sounds and the recordings of bird songs, all from the Rocky Mountains. Three more movies will come with his music.  These movies will play on your ipod or computer, load em into your itunes!  Great way to take in the peace and tranquility that God put in nature!


Well, there is one so far.  It is a PDF book, an ebook, on some gems I've learned for stress managmenet.  It is called "The Four Secrets For Successful Living," and it combines positive thinking and other strategies I've seen work, and I've used myself, for 35 years.

4. Audio Books

None so far, but they will be coming!

5. Audio Files

Albums 8, 9, 10 are dedicated to helping you learn to practice deep relaxing techniques: deep breathing, visualization, meditation.  The first two albums make it easy.  Just listen and do what it says and you will learn to meditate!  Album 10 has nature sounds for you to use on your own, to get your mind in a "good frame of mind," taking in the peace of nature from the sounds of nature, namely the sounds of a Rocky Mountain stream with the sounds of a crackling campfire and chirping birds!

6. Articles

I've written a number of articles on stress managment, organization and the like.  Download and read for free!

7. Charts

Keeping track is a big deal.  What you track you can change is an old saying.  These charts help you keep track of: anxiety, daily routines, bipolar mood swings, symptoms of ptsd and other items.

Give me feedback on what you like or don't like!


Harris Jensen, MD