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Spring is coming!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 11 March 2009

March has seen warm winds and tulips, but cold winds are back!

In front of the office, some of the 100 tulip bulbs I planted last fall are coming up. Just in time for snow. Meanwhile the economy is just as cold and icy as the weather.

People I know are working hard, doing what they do best, and being more resourceful at that.


Here at the Good Day Journal we have added more things to help you create a good day. Three movies are available for your downloading. They combine relaxing jazz music and wildlife. The idea is that relaxing images and sound the mind.

Re-create our experience with our thoughts and actions. We create our thoughts with five different types of thinking: using words, images, sounds, sensations, and emotions. These just one offer just images and sound. "Putting in just images and sounds," into your mind, your mind doesn't have to deal with words, in other words your mind doesn't have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the world. All the stress about the economy and such.


People told me they appreciate these monkeys for just that. If they get words out of their head, and just choosing relaxing sounds and images they can bring some peace into their mind. Sometimes our minds will fight us on that.  So these movies help train our minds to do what works. Sometimes words just don't work. After a long day laboring at our jobs, retired of thinking, processing information, and we just need some "down time."


Also at The we have a relaxation CD available for free download to teach the body scan meditation here I guide you to use your body to relax your mind. By systematically relaxing muscles from head to toe, and relax the mind from head to toe.


We've also added several hundred wildlife pictures slideshow for your relaxation purposes. These photos are from Florida and throughout the Rocky Mountain West, and all for free!


Thank you for Visiting the Good Day Journal and we hope you appreciate what we have to offer you here.