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A Time To Honor One Who Was Mindful...

By harrisjensen - Posted on 09 January 2009

Harris Jensn offers free banners for your computer desktop for mindfulness training...they are offered for free to you as a way of remembering the wonder that mindfulness brings to our lives


by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

She left this world for the next one, last night, here in the first week of January of 2009,  suffering cancer, battling hard and long, surrounded by those who loved her.  To honor her privacy I won't mention her name.  But to honor her life I'd like to share 4 meditation banners I've made.  I've used these as a background on my computer screen to encourage my mindfulness training.  She was one who in a kind and gentle way introduced me to the awesome power that resides in the practices of yoga and meditation.  Wow, what a difference she made in my life.  If interested, view the banners in the slide show below.  If you'd like one for free, put your cursor on the image, then click the lower right corner, the cllick the colored circle, and at Picassa web albums you can download the actual jpegs.  Or you can click one of the blue file attachments below, by first clicking the "4 Attachments" link below, then clicking the link to the meditation poster you want.

All the banners have the meditative saying, "Solid As A Mountain, Calm As Water," which is a saying from the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, whom I heard give a talk at YMCA of the Rockies up in Estes Park, Colorado.   He spoke in a quiet voice and yet with great courage and conviction about how mindfulness can help make your day a good day.

This dear one who has left us was strong in her quiet unassuming way, too, and she was calm in the face of the storm. 



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