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"Four Secrets For Successful Living" Is Getting Some Good Reviews!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 30 October 2008

Readers Find It Useful For Stress Managment, Panic and Weight Loss Issues

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It's encouraging when a book gets good reviews before it's even done!  People using concepts in the book, "Four Secrets For Successful Living," report finding themselve more effective in managing stress, panic and weight loss problems.

One man trying to lose weight found the idea that emotions can be tested against reality, especially the reality of one's goals for one's life, was life changing.  He can doubt his appetite.  He can test it, and occasionally find it is really from not needing to eat, but he has a sense he is hungry because he's upset, bored, thirsty.

Another gentleman, in college, has thought he was all thumbs when it came to creating a social life.  Now he's questioning that.  Using the four steps in the book, he questions those emotions, focuses on his goal for his life of creating more rewarding friendships, and ignores emotions that doubt he has the ability to be a good friend.  "I know I'm a good friend, my friends have told me that," he said, so he uses that fact to reinforce positive thoughts.

A man fighting panic has found similar helpful results, following the four step stress managment in chapter two in the book, which is available elsewhere in Good Day Journal...for free!