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Nick Roussos, One Amazing Guy!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 24 March 2015

"Helping In Action" Is A Great Book!

"Awesome In Action" Is a Great Web Site!

Nick Roussos Shows Kids How To Have Courage And Ask For Help

He Even Helped Rescue A Baby Lion In Africa!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It isn't easy to write a kid's book.  I've tried, and I'm still trying!

Nick Roussos has done a great job with his book "Helping In Action."  I'm going to invite him to give a talk on his book to a group of Cub Scouts and their families this summer at the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch.  I got a lot of help as a kid from adults who showed me how to be positive and optimistic, so I'm trying to do that for others...Some of my stories are for free on the Free Stuff page in the pdf The Power Of Optimism.

His book is about how kids can show courage and ask for help and really get things done.  He reached out when he was young, and got people to help him rescue a young lion in Africa.  That's pretty good!  What a great and true story to use to reach out and capture the imagination of young people!

We need more people like Nick around, encouraging young folks in a positive, creative way.

 I reached out and tried to help a snapping turtle when I was a ten year old in North Dakota.  It bit me!  That just doesn't have the pizzazz of finding a lion cub in Africa and rescuing it.

For more about Mr. Roussos, see his web site:

For more about his book, see it where I bought it, on Amazon:

Way to go Nick!