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Flash Mob Takes Over Fort Collins!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 09 September 2015

International West Coast Swing Flash Mob

Blasts Into Tour De Fat...A Success!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Humor is good medicine, as the saying goes, and when dancing is fun, it's good medicine too!

The West Coast Swing Dance, is actually a world wide movement.   Highlighting this great dance are spinning move, fancy arm moves, dazzling footwork, all of which can be choreographed! Parisians Olivier and Virginie Massart organized this years global go to event of a flash mob for west coast swing, for more see:

Here is a jaw dropping list of the groups all over the world the joined in the flash mob:

Here is the global map of all the mobs all over the world: And here are 90 videos from all over the world of the mobs:

West Coast is a hybrid of the old swing dancing with some elements of new Brazilian dance and hip hop, so throw out any old ideas that this dance is stuffy.  It's fun, it's electric, a great workout for the body and the I joined the flash mob!

A flashmob is a surprise event coordinated all over the world via the internet.  In this case, our leader was a fabulous dance instructor in Paris, France.  I feel like I know the guy after learning his dance motions.  We studied his dance movements, plotted our surprise dances, then swooped into our Fort Collins locations September 5!

We blasted into Tour De Fat and danced, then on to the Sundance where we showed up several times. And we jumped into Fort Collins Club and did a suprise performance too. 

I'm the guy in the big green hat in case you're looking for him...and here's the Fort Collins youtube video of us dancing:


The thing about dancing, one friend confided in me, is you can't worry or fuss or fume about anything when you're dancing, or you'll lose the beat!  It's great stress relief!  Here's more about the flash mob:

The Fort Collins dancing was master minded by Laura Koch and Jim Baker, ala Smooth Dance, see

But the choreography came from a slick video from Olivier and Virginie Massart   in Paris, see this:




Information was coordinated at their facebook page (of course) at

and at the Fort Collins Flash Mob facebook page:

Three thousand dancers in 23 countries and 78 cities danced their heart out on September 5.  Pretty fabulous!