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Cub Camp Nicol Is Loads Of Fun!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 05 November 2014

Camp Nicol Creates Adventure For Cub Scouts In Colorado!

Volunteer Today To Help Them Out!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal.Com

I took a break from hiking in the Rawah Wilderness this past September, and visited Camp Nicol.

Dozens of cub scouts swarmed around the headquarters there, gathering for an exciting hike to enjoy the fall colors at the camp.  Camp Nicol is part of Ben Delatour Scout Camp, located near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.  It is thousands of acres in the rolling pine forest of northern Colorado.

And it is loaded with wildlife and adventure!  Hey if Scouting was good for Peyton Manning, it is worth checking out.  He met with scouts this past year at an event in Denver.  To see more about what Scouting offers in Camp Nicol see this video


Here is more on Camp Nicol from its web site:


Parents and kids alike loved a hike under yellow aspens, seeing red rose hips and other edible wild things. Suddenly the hikers stopped and saw an abandoned barn.  Without any invitation they were soon crawling all over the broken down relic!  They learned to climb safe and later on the hike learned the names of some plants and animals in the area.

We identified quaking aspen trees, lodgepole pines, and identified the tracks of a moose.

Wildlife abounds at the camp, and campers regularly see blue jays, mule deer, eagles, ground squirrels and the like.

But these young campers just wanted to hike with their friends and parents and have fun scampering around in the great outdoors.  No big goals, just alot of fun.

And girls were invited, so were parents.  This is the new face of Scouting.  Scouting wants to include girls and boys, Moms and Dad's, in family activities.  I will be working with the camp to design programs that include everyone, even kids with disabilities.

Scouting did so much for me when I was a teen.  I wrote about it in the book The Power Of Optimism availabe on the freestuff page at, just click "attachments" to get the free downloads.  I wouldn't be a doctor today without Scouting.  It ENCOURAGED in me a sense of adventure, a love of nature and learning, and gave me a chance to learn leadership.  I learned to love biology when studying for merit badges, and medicine too.  I earned the first aid merit badge in scouting and that got me interested in medicine.  I had no idea it would lead to me one day becoming a doctor.

But that is scouting for you.  It has a wonderful way of bringng out the potential in young men and young women.

If you're a young person, think about joining Scouting. If you're an adult, think about volunteering to support Scouting.