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May 9, 2008

Spring has sprung!

This morning, the sun was shining over the eastern sky, the air was wet with last night's light rain.  Cottonwood leaves unrolled on their branches, lilacs are pushing out purple buds waiting for enough warmth to bloom.  Spring is great!  There is the physical evidence of energy ready to "burst out of the gates" into more leaves, more blooms, more life.

Life is about energy.

Nature saves it up, storing it in seeds, eggs, coccoons, then living things can prepare themselves for life in the outside world with all its challenges.

Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

We learn as much from words as through images. So why not put them together? The Journal has released "Solid As A Mountain..." as its first poster in a series of posters dedicated to what else? Helping you have a good day! It will be released in three versions as a free download for the rest of 2008. You can of course: print it off on photo paper, use it as wallpaper on your desktop, put it on your what you like and spread the peace!