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Stress Managment With Nature!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 08 March 2011

Bird songs and stream sounds help heal the soul!

Free sound track included in this article!  Helps stress managment!

Great for background sounds for studying too for college students!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I recorded in stereo the wonderful sounds of a mountain creek in spring, along with these singing birds, back in May, 2009.  I used a stereo microphone with a Sony voice recorder, edited the works in Garage Band on my Mac.

And I found its very useful!  I call it my mental floss.  I listen to it going to and from work and while meditating.  It helps crowd out stressful thinking and emotions, the "gunk" in our mind, as it were.  Dental floss gets out contaminating "gunk" from hard to reach crevasses in our teeth. And this "mental floss" helps get rid of "hard to reach" emotions and thoughts that are distressing, contaminating our peace of mind.

Hey, let nature heal you with this sound track!  Henry David Thoreau would heartily approve!

A second method of using bird and stream sounds is to just listen to the sounds and get the words out of your head.  Don't let yourself use any words for 5-10 minutes or so.  Easier said than done.  But then you are meditating.  Focusing on the present moment of the sounds as they wash over you.

Or let the birds crowdy out the negative thoughts.  A third application is to put this sound track on your ipod, then anytime you have trouble with negative, dysfunctional thinking bugging you, play the stream sounds.  This is called a more technical term of a competing contingency, but don't bother with that.  Use it to crowd out the noise in your head.

What people tell me is it seems as if our minds are busy, they want to be doing at least two things at once, as if the mind has two hands it likes to keep busy.  OK, then work with that.   and with lAstening to stream sounds, one thing is being done hand left to do something with, so fill that with constructive thinking.

Try this stream sound audio file today, for free.  I call it "The Power Of Spring," and will include it in my new Power series of instructional CD's.  You can't beat the price!

To download, click the file in blue letters, let it download, when it has downloaded (the download indicator has stopped working or the download bar is full on your browser, go to file (on the Firefox browser) and save page as, and save it to your desktop.

The Power Of Spring-20 Minutes.mp322.91 MB