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Jensen Monthly Bipolar Symptom Chart

By harrisjensen - Posted on 12 June 2008

Good News For People With Bipolar: Here's A Great Chart To Track Your Mood!

Below is a pdf document for printing off a monthly mood symptom chart for tracking how bipolar mood swings are doing each day.  Click on the blue "attachments" link below and then click on the pdf link or word link to download the document, which can then be printed off.  You can then write on the chart to track symptoms.  If you want to type in data, you can try doing that on the word document and then print it off.  Additional notes can be hand written on the back side of the document.

This is a way to put your mood "under a microscope," so you can look more closely at how things are going,  Also you can check with others on their perceptions of your mood, perhaps increasing the accuracy of your perceptions.  The result can be a sharper, more accurate impression of how your medications are working for you.  This has been shown to help people have more of the control they want for their mood.

Another reason this is a more accurate way of "remembering" how your mood is doing, is because how many people can accurately recall how their mood was yesterday or last week?  Hey, none of us is perfect!  But your doctor depends on you to accurately remember how things are going...and that is what helps guide his decisions on what to do with your medication.

Now with the mood chart you are helping you and your doctor and support group all work as a team.  Great!

Organization leads to success! 

If you need to change the chart slightly, to customize it to better fit tracking your unique personality and mood, then download the Word file, and change it so it works better for you.


"I didn't want to chart my mood at first.  It seemed kind of a waste of time.  Geeky.  But I found it encouraging.  I was wondering if the medication was working and by looking at the chart I was amazed.  Wow...things really have come a long ways for the better!  I'm not fooling myself...and my counseling has helped me learn some great skills too...when my chart shows I have bad anger, sometimes I just need to apply some skills I have learned and it will get better.  I may not need to change medicine.  This is what Dr. Jensen calls "the art of managing your moods."  With the chart I can show off my success this way.  Why not show off what you've learned?"


"No way can I remember what things were like last week.  With the chart it's like I am driving with headlights now, I can tell the doctor how things are and I'm not "guessing."

"This makes so much sense.  I mean we keep lists for what to get at the grocery store and keep track of oil changes--with a little sticker on our windshield--so doesn't it make sense we ought to do this for our head as well?"

I hope you enjoy using this chart and enjoy good control of your moods.  If you have any comments, please let us know!


Harris Jensen, MD

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