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Animal Companions--God Love 'Em!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 28 September 2009

"Fuel The Spark" is a great book, reminding us of great truths,

which our animal companions have already mastered!

By Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal
Sometimes just showing up, just coming to the place you are supposed to be, is 90 percent of a person’s success. I was reminded of that tried and true principle reading a great little book last night, it is called “Fuel For The Spark,” written by a great entrepreneur and creativity consultant in Fort Collins, Kevin Houchin.
So it was of no surprise today, that my dog Elsker had a great day right off the bat.
Here is Elsker, the "lover dog,"
She just needs to show up. I have to show up and work at being a doctor, but she just needs to show up.  She's been my office dog for nine years, what a great record!
 “That’s a nice dog you have in your office,” a patient told me.
“She’s been coming here nine years,” I confided. “She’s more than an animal companion, she’s my office assistant! She greets people, sometimes with a kiss, I mean who could get away with that now days?”
We enjoyed a little laugh.


Then my black Labrador, Elsker, pronounced “el skaw,” which is Norwegian for “love,” enjoyed all the attention and rolled over on her back, putting her four paws in the air and left her mouth hanging open, tongue lolling out to one side, and kept one eye on me.
“She is a hard act to follow,” I remarked. “Not that a guy would want to.”
My patient then scratched her tummy, and feeling a little more at ease, talked about his great pain and suffering that brought him in to see me.
He felt soothed, you could tell by the expression on his face, the calmer tone of voice. Labs are great at reading body language in people and they are devoted to keeping everyone in “the pack” happy. So it doesn’t take her long to tell out who is stressed and lay down at their feet.
To comfort them.
To console them.
To feel close to them.
My feet have been warmed by her on many an occasion, including today. This has been a hard year on everyone, with this economy, and doctors are affected like most everyone else. Me included.
Thank you Elsker for nine great years. You are a great companion, a wonderful example of unconditional love and staying positive and enthusiastic about all the opportunities each day gives us.   All you ask is for a little food and affection and then all day long you are happy to see us, happy to greet us, wagging your tail and looking at us with your big, soft brown eyes. 
Thank you!