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Good Day Journal has thrown open its digital doors!

A review of what the journal is and why

by Harris Jensen, MD
The GDJ aims to be the place you go to for good news you can use...good news from science and from all sorts of venues...look at the categories menu on the right side of the web site to see what kinds of good news we have!
There’s not enough good news now many times have you heard that?  I’ve heard it since I was a kid...later I heard it when I was a journalist and trying to write good news.  It was often shuffled back to some social or business page.  So I started my own outdoor page and fought back.  People loved it.  
That was years ago.  Since then, I gave up journalism, joined medical school, took a residency in Minnesota in psychiatry, and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to work as a psychiatrist.  And of course take in the great outdoors in the Rocky Mountains of the American West.
But I never could give up writing!
The dream never left me to have a magazine and write about things positive and uplifting, about nature and its beauty, and about hard working people who create inspiring moments in their day.  So here it is...
The Good Day Journal aims to be a bright spot in your day.
But this isn’t you’re Average Joe magazine.
This online magazine has:
  1. Movies you can stream or buy (cool!)
  2. PDF books and posters
  3. Audio books you can stream or buy
  4. Talking books (with text and audio)
  5. Blogs on interesting topics
  6. Lots of ways to rate these items
  7. Oh, and articles too, about fun things people find brighten their day, such as gardening, working out, fishing, teaching their children with projects, having adventures in the mountains.
  8. These are articles with “jumps” to the very article it quotes.  In articles there will be hyperlinks to jump you to the reference the author quoted.  You just select the link, copy it, and then paste it in your browser window or in the browser window of  search engine, such as Google Scholar or PubMedCentral or Yahoo, and presto! You are at the article the author quoted.
  9. Every week we’ll be providing stories that inspire and inform, photos and quotes that lift the human spirit.
  10. Every week and sometimes every day, there will be something new.  Readers can also send us their stories.
  11. Personal interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in the world.
I hope you give us a look, comment on our blog, rate an article or two, watch a movie, so we can brighten your day.  Thanks for checking us out!


Site Map For Good Day

Keywords: Good Day Journal, site map.
Welcome to the journal of real good news you can use!
1. Home Page
Here you find the latest articles and products.  Remember this is a catalog and magazine.  The stories inform you and products assist you.  Each week we’ll have new articles and blogs, so if you visit us weekly you’ll catch something new!
2. About Us
This is where you can find articles that talk about the background of the people and articles and products and images...there’s a story behind everything!
3. Catalog
The place to go to download the good stuff...
Quicktime movies for relaxation and education, with versions made special for your TV or computer or ipod or iphone.  
Also, there will be pdf books (much less expensive and less bulky than the paper kind), and the books read aloud in audio books (on .mp4 format).  The pdfs and audio books can be used simultaneously.  You can read the book while the author does the same.  Some people find they learn things much more effectively this way.  Other people find it more entertaining!  The audio books use sound effects, up to dozens of them, to create a more entertaining experience!
Image files...of every sort will become available.  There will be poster images, with sayings from wise people.  Photos that are just fun to look at.  Any of these you can use as a screensaver or wallpaper for your computer or iphone or ipod, or you can get them printed off at a commercial place, like Walmart or Walgreen’s, or print them off on your computer’s printer.  Posters like this can be a source of encouragement in your learning, personal growth, or, of course, just plain fun!  Any which way, they can help you have a good day!
Products are going to be made for adults, preschoolers, grade schoolers, highschoolers, and college students.  
Check them out!  Lots of freebies!
4. Blog
The Journal is constantly striving to change, adapt, to new technologies and new needs in people’s lives.  How do we do that?  Read the blog!
These are free items to download...some of which are in the catalog for free too.

6, 7. Banner Photos

As a unique feature of Good Day Journal, we offer original photography of the American West and Midwest.  These photographs are meant to picture the vigor of life seen in nature, the joy of life, which animals seem to portray.  These photographs were taken by Sharon Jensen, Harris Jensen, and Harris’s boyhood buddy, Wayne Vedvig.  Wayne lives in Minot, North Dakota, where he works at Magic City Implement.  But in his off hours, he cruises the prairie with his long telephoto lens, photographing wildlife on the prairie, in its finest hour...which is often around sunset and sunrise.  Many of the beautiful wood duck pictures were taken on the Mouse River, some not far from where Wayne and Harris caught many a perch or bullhead on a hot summer day in their grade school years.  Keep sending us your great photos, Wayne!
With  each click on a new page a new banner photo will come up, drawn up at random from our site’s massive data base.
8. Photos
Otherwise, these photos that appear  with articles are here to inspire you...and in the future, since many readers like to photograph wildlife themselves, we’ll have special articles on techniques and tricks to take better wildlife photos
9. Music
Much of the music you hear on Good Day Journal, primarily with the nature music videos, is from Fort Collins’ fabulous jazz musician, Mark Sloniker.  Mark has an irrepressible joy in living.  In comes through in his infectious, happy introductions to songs at Unity Church--and any time you talk to him.  Life is full of joy, the life of God is in us all, seems to be a recurring theme in his work.  Thanks Mark for the light you are in our community and we are thankful you are the musical light here at Good Day Journal.
10. Categories
On the right side, on every page, you will find “Categories” and below that “Quotes” and below that “Archive”.
Every article is in at least one category and one archive.  Categories include many activity areas and interest areas, such as “Relaxation” or “Meditation” or “Nature.”  If you are trying to find an article and it first appeared a couple months ago, look it up either in the archive for that month or the most likely category.
These are inspirational quotes from wise people through the years...stored in our data base and brought up at random, like the banner photos.  Data base technology is so interesting and allows us to make each visit to Good Day Journal literally a unique experience.  Each time you visit us, you will be seeing different banner photos and quotes.
Harris Jensen
Editor and CEO