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Robert Genn Will Be Sorely Missed...

By harrisjensen - Posted on 30 May 2014

Robert Genn Taught Us To Live Life As Art...

His Emails And Daughter's Letters Continue The Legacy!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I recently opened up my web site to unrestricted feedback, only I could see it.  What happened in one day was a torrent, dozens of emails sent to me, in all kinds of languages. Oriental, Middle Eastern, English.  It was a kind of vomit from the profane and vulgar element of the world.  Advertisements for illicit drugs, illicit sex, and vulgar ads for all kinds of objects.

The world truly has a vulgar element to it.

I edit that kind of "feedback" out, so my readers are spared the abuse.

In stark contrast to that has been these beautiful twice weekly newsletters I've been getting from Robert Genn.  They are literature as fine and beautiful as anything I've read in a book.  Mr. Genn was a painter but he lived his love for art, and he shared this love so eloquently in words as much as he did with a brush and canvas.

With his passing, the world has felt a great loss. He died May 27, 2014.  But his daughter will continue to share his letters and compose some of her own in the same great spirit. To see some of these "internet gold" go to this link:

His letters have been a thread of gold in my creative life. As I write chapters in my books, I try to feel some kind of inspiration, sometimes it just isn't there.  The muses are gone.  Reading Robert Genn's letters sometimes helped bring them back.  Something has worked.  Ten years ago I only hoped to try to compose a chapter.  Now I have more than 1,000.  Robert Genn has been one very important source of inspiration. 

Thank you Robert.  You make the world a better place.